Awkward Photos….part 2.

I couldn’t help myself.

Part 2.

Even in grey, this gentleman refuses to blend into the background.
(submitted by Jay)

Note from me: This is what I feel like in my bathing suit……..except without the eager expression on my face…that’s all him.


He felt he had been carrying them for too long.
(submitted by Yuri)

Note from me: I wonder if he looks back and thinks….I knew I wasn’t the favorite.



A novel idea for re-gifting.
(submitted by Ivette)

Note from me: Please tell me that this wasn’t a Christmas card! 


What about Grandma?
These kids with their fancy kneeshelfs.
(submitted by Mike)

Note from Me: I am warped because this is cracking me up! 



Clearly, all of the other props were occupied at this photo studio.
(submitted by Trevin)

Note from Me: STOP!



A holiday pic that quite frankly, scares the crap out of us.
(submitted by Marissa)

Note from Me: WOW……I think I would ask for a little blessing over my family….. coming across this in your family album would definitely be scary!



Beyond a reasonable point of casualness.
(submitted by Effendi)

Note from me: TOO STINKING FUNNY ! He is feeling pretty good about himself too!


There’s Plenty of Room on the Couch

But all the chairs are taken.
(submitted by Ben)

Note from Me: LOL!!!



And you thought seeing mom in a one-piece was going to be strange.
(submitted by Meryl)

Note from Me: I don’t want to be ugly……I have seen my body in a swimming suit and this pose would not work for me either….. Or anyone for that matter. It is killing me………


This father was so relieved when he found out he was gonna be Eeyore.
(submitted by anonymous)

Note from me: What a good um…….sport……..cracking me up. 



Note from Me: STOP IT, I had this hair! 

Hello My Pretty 2


She just wants to hold him…
(submitted by Erick)

NOTE FROM ME: I am making myself stop! This little girls face makes me lol every single time I see it.



“My grandfather is the star of many awkward family photos. Here, he poses pants-less, with a pair of kettlebells, artistically composed at his feet to highlight his lack of pants and booty short spandex. The  flag in the background pretty much says it all: this is AMERICA.”
(submitted by Hannah)

They are cracking me up!

Hopefully we go home tomorrow!

Romeo is on the “upswing” and a trooper with his physical therapy!

Ready to get back to work and get off of the internet…..

Unless I’m blogging, that is ; )



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