Saturday Morning Shout Outs!

Here we go guys!

Your deals are out there waiting!

Here are a few randoms readers locations and Craigslist deals in their area.

Have a great weekend !

You all make my day! My week! Love ya’ guys!

Fresno, California Shout Out!!!

Leather Cup and Dice – $10 (Fresno area)

Antique thick leather cup and (4) dice… $10

 image 0image 1



Indianapolis, Indiana Shout Out!!!

Old lamps – $20 (west indy.)

image 0


Lincolnton, North Carolina Shout Out!

set of church hill blue willow (lincolnton)

image 1image 0

Yes, I love blue willow…..start cheap!


Etters, Pennsylvania Shout out!!!!

14 PAR-T-PAK Wooden Crates – $20 (ETTERS)

 image 1image 0

 Great for so many things! Offer $10.00 Each!


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Shout Out!

I want this!!!

Antique Outdoor Gas-Lamp – $50

image 3image 1

Offer $30.00! This is beautiful!!!!!


Opp, Alabama Shout out!!!

This would be pretty painted and distressed! Love the beadboard look!

I would offer $15.00

9 drawer dresser – $25

 image 0


Seattle, Washington, Shout out!!!!

vintage table – $25

image 1image 0

 Have you been wanting to try chalk paint?

Me too! Offer $15.00 and try it out on this piece. Keep the top stained….a pretty distressed color on the bottom??? PRETTY!


Greenville, South Carolina Shout out!!!!

Ok, this may seem crazy….but do you know how expensive this type of roaster would be? Pick it up and make the best BBQ ever. The recipe is in my “most popular” posts……

See if they would take $10.00. 

I LOVE this roaster!

image 1image 0


Champaign, Illinois Shout Out!!!

Vintage Green Pendant Lamp – $25 

So pretty? What about in an outdoor living area? 

I’m in love with green lately. 

Got any ideas on this one?

image 1image 0


Happy Shopping!

Let me know what deals you are finding!

Anyone there?

Yoo Hoo???

Hidey Ho Neighbor!

Am I talking to myself?

Am I all alone?


Show me the love people!

Tell me what’s going on deal wise!

Looking for anything in particular?



0 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Shout Outs!

  • August 6, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I love the crates! But not 14 of them. I’ve been working hard to pare down! And the cup & dice — Yahtzee! (well, you need one more die) I love Saturday Morning Shout-Outs!

  • August 6, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    @google-2f4dec6e4312c1e2a8187aed8ff66a92:disqus  I too could never use 14 crates but they could get one or two. I thought of Yahtzee immediately as well but I love the antique old wooden cup so much, I would just get that and forget the dice. Love YOU loving Shout Outs. Love, Me


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