Hog Da’ Blog 2!!

Trust me people. You will want to read this whole post….promise.
I was going to try to do this once a month but you guys have been busy! I want to do this as often as possible to make sure everyone’s project can be seen and I don’t have to lump too many people into one post.

For those of you just signing in….Hog Da’ Blog is a party for readers that do NOT have blogs. They usually have to miss out on everyone seeing what they are up to. But, not anymore! If a reader does NOT have a blog, they can send an email of their project to me. It needs to have a brief description and before and after pic’s. Or what pics they have……and they must put in the subject of the email, Hog Da’ Blog.

Then they get to hog my blog.

Get it?

When I say…anyone can do a project I do…..I mean it.
I get awesome emails from you guys telling me how you decided to give something a try after watching me do it……

I told ya’ you could do it.

So now it’s time for you guys that have been telling me about your fun projects to inspire others.

Ready to shine?

It’s your turn!

Guess who is first?

My baby sister. She and her hubby were just assigned to a base in Georgia and she is so excited about decorating their first “real” home. She found this in a neighbors trash……ahhhh…dumpster diving….made her older sister so proud….wanna see the before?

Here ya’ go. Your standard dumpster diving, retro coffee table. Has tinted glass. My suggestion to her. Spray paint black. It will hide the age.

She listened, but even took it a step further because she didn’t like the look spray paint was giving her.
Smartie pants.
Here is what she used.

I love how she took a pic of the products for me.
So cute. Now…did you wash your brush baby sister? I know how you are….wash your brush good and don’t just buy a new one for you next project. OK?
Showing your products you use is a great idea.
You guys can do that too when you show your stuff on “Hog Da’ Blog”….that way people will know how to get “your exact look”.

Ready for the after?

Big difference isn’t it?!!!!

I know….

You want to dig in her neighbors trash too, don’t you? Good job baby sister! Love you!

Next up….
lauralie3@frontier.com sent me this little message:
I bought these OLD curved glass frames at a yard sale.  They were in their original state and looked pretty bad but I was just so thankful that the curved glass was still intact.  I painted the frames black, highlighted the carved details with white, covered the backing with linen and assembled my yo yos in a pattern.  Voile!  I have them hanging in my living room. 
I have a shop on Etsy, Linen and Oak also.  I also sell pillow covers.
Thanks for your time!
Laura Lett

Ummm…..Laura….these are precious!


( I was a cheer leader……)

This would be a neat way to show your babies old hair bows by the way…..just saying…..I am wondering if I still have some of Freebirds.

Check out her Etsy store here for her pillow covers.
I have fallen in love with….this one…..I am debating this purchase.  LOVE!
Maybe she will do a tutorial for some of us sewing newbies and show us how to make pillow covers. That would be sweet….until then….shop her Etsy store!!!


Ok…ready for next one?
(I was a cheerleader)
Look at this before and ask yourself if it doesn’t remind you of something I would dig up….
Gotta’ love this girl for that!
Go Carla!

Check out this before.

Keep the bu-gly comments to yourself.

Ok, I take it back!

Let ’em roll!

Because what can we do with BU-GLY people?

Make it beautiful, is what!!!


Oh, yes she did!!! I love that she kept the cushion off of the back! Carla, putting your glass up on something, like a book, or some kind of base for staging, is a great idea! I actually have had this same issue and will be copying your look soon!  Look at the pages she has opened on her magazines…see the color scheme? Are you my soul sister? I LOVED that article you are opened to by the way! I was doing my picnic blanket at the time and thought this would be neat to do with Romeo’s shirts! Here is that link! TWINS! Ok….I’m relaxed again. I just noticed the article and got a little crazy.
Is that  home-made bread in the bowl? I can’t tell but I could lick the carbs off of my computer screen right now.
Weight watchers = hungry. Thank you Carla for giving me carbs this way at least.
Isn’t this the neatest look?? I bet you are saying….I can’t re-cover cushions! Well, Carla had her big girl panties on when she did this project and came up with a way! Here is her email:
I have a bugly chair to show you!
I attached before and afters… I haven’t really slip covered it – it’s being held with safety pins. LOL But it’s a curtain I got from the thrift store for .99!!! And I got the bugly chair for $3 at a garage sale.

YAY! CARLA! LOVE IT!!! Gooooooooooooo Carla!
( I was a cheerleader)

Can you believe these people?

Told ya’ you could do this stuff. I wasn’t story telling.  
(I was a brownie…I’m very honest)

Ok…this one will knock your socks off.
Marisol emailed that my table re-do inspired her to re-do her old dining room table.
Then I deleted her photos on our comment section.
I wanted to die.
But I have been begging fore more photos and when “Hog Da’ Blog” rolled into town, she needed to show this to everyone….
 She may say my table inspired her….
The girl went a thousand light years beyond that and re-did her interior table for the outside elements.
I know.

Ok…grab your socks…..

Here is the before:

Psssst…..don’t anyone tell Marisol that I don’t even have a Ryobi…..

Pssssst….. Don’t tell her that I don’t have pretty purple gloves either…..Ok? Or gloves at all for that matter….

She has your attention, doesn’t she? Good job on your photos girl! Was your husband teetering on a chair over your table trying to get this picture, while you were bossing him around and telling him what to do? Welcome to the world of blogging!
Remember the before?

Here is her after:


You have got the wrong blog……

 ‘Cause this had nothing to do with me.


Here is her email: Before I do that…..It embarrasses me to put in these emails! I read them thinking they can’t be talking about me…..so I am going to paste this and turn away……she gives her instructions in it and I hated to cut and paste….UGH! Ok….here it is.
Hi Rebecca,
Here is my quick summary along with pictures of my re-purposed outdoor patio that you inspired me to do
Rebecca, I just want to thank you so very much for being who you are!  You are a great inspiration to me!!!  I was searching the Internet one night, searching DIY blogs, and I came across your blog.  I saw your Table Re-do tutorial, and I said to myself, “Hey I can do that too”.  So instead of donating our dining room table we no longer had room for at our new house, I decided to re-purpose it and turn it into an outdoor patio set!  I followed your instructions.  I sanded down the table top down to the bare wood because I wanted to re-stain it with a darker color (Minwax – Ebony).  I topped it with a few coats of Minwax polyurethane and a couple coats of the Minwax Finishing Paste. This table was going outside so I wanted to make sure it was well protected!  I lightly sanded the chairs with my husband’s help :-)  It was a lot of work.  I painted them with a few coats of white exterior paint (Valspar – Duramax Exterior Satin Finish) then followed the rest of your instructions…sanded it to distress, applied stain, & coated it with Minwax finishing paste!  And who would have thought that I just recreated damp; re-purposed this beautiful table that could be probably sold at a Pottery Barn!  All with your help!!!  Sending much love to you ! 

Dang, diddly, dang. That is sweet, isn’t it?

All of them are so inspiring aren’t they?!

For those of you with projects waiting, that you are afraid to tackle…..

What are you guys waiting on?

You have been inspired….now inspire others….get busy!

Then tell us about it!

I am proud of every single one of you!

You inspire me.

I love you all!



PS. Don’t forget about the milk paint giveaway on yesterdays post. It expires Monday night. PLUS Monday’s linky party for those with blogs! Love to you all!

0 thoughts on “Hog Da’ Blog 2!!

  • September 18, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Pretty soon those ladies will be writing their own blogs!!  Great job ladies!!!!

  • September 18, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Thank you for showing me again! Can you believe I made that paint with a left over sample of grey I had and some white? I need to get to work so I’ll have more to show you! PS. I love Flea Market Style Mag and I want to make the project I have it opened to so badly! And the pillows… to die for! (maybe we are long lost sisters… ;))

  • September 18, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Love it all! Now tell me please, how to create a blog.  I’ve been wanting to start one, but not sure where to start or how.  And I just love your’s.  thx

  • September 18, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Go to blogspot or wordpress and start there. It’s free!

  • September 18, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    I forgot to add that it is home made bread… it’s banana bread! It is sitting in an antique piece of english iron stone.

  • September 19, 2011 at 6:11 am

    There is a lot of WOW factor going on in this post!!!!!  I dream of the day I can link up….but there is a chair I’m looking at right now that is in need of a serious makeover!!  

    Thank you ladies for sharing your projects!!!!  You are all so inspiring!!!!! And thank you, Rebecca!!! 🙂

  • September 19, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    oh my gosh!!! that first picture of the table with the glass..My sister just bought the exact same one in black from a resale shop…She loves it. 🙂


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