Sunday Spotlight!

This past weeks linky party went a little better!

I didn’t even have to post all of my own stuff!

Lucky you.

Get ready to post what you have been up to on this weeks Monday linky party!

Remember, if you do not have a blog yet, send me an email, with “Hog Da’ Blog” in the subject. I will showcase your projects soon as well.

Here is a couple of neat links that were shared that I wanted to spotlight.

Sweet Passions on a Thrifty Dime found a worn out piece….
And gave it some love.
You have to go to her site and check out this after….I don’t even want to show you because I want you to see for yourself. Give her some love when you visit!
You won’t believe this after!
Here is her before…check out her after!


I had actually seen this next gorgeous room on other linky parties, so I was so excited to see it visit mine!

Adventures in Decorating has given a room in her house, a magazine quality look, with a fall flair!
Beautiful or what?
Believe it or not, these are economical ideas! Check out her blog. Tons of great ideas!
I love the table in the center! Great idea!
She needs to come visit my home and decorate my hutch. I am clueless and love hers!
Visit her and give her some love!
Girl in Air took a plain bed to a new level!
She gave a CL purchase a PB flair.
Check out this “after”photo  but visit her blog to see how she transformed this CL find!
She shows you how you can do this easily as well.
Vanessa At The Picket Fence, likes to say she is craft challenged. 
That made her “Corn Husk” wreath all the  more appealing!
It was super cheap and her tutorial makes it seem like even I can do it!
This is a great wreath to hang on a door or inside on an entry mirror!
Visit her blog and tell her how much you love it!
Grab a $3.00 bag of “husks” and get busy people!
You can still check out the other great links here…..
We had over 1400 people visit my blog on linky party day….so get your project ready to share!

I can’t wait to see what you guys have been doing!



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  • September 25, 2011 at 9:52 am

    A beautiful selection, Rebecca!  Thanks for sharing…


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