Thrift store trays…again! Christmas gift ideas!

Want more quick and easy Christmas gift ideas?

You remember how easy it was to transform the last thrift store trays?

Well, guess what?

It’s that easy again.

These are great to add to Christmas gifts.

Or, perfect goodies to have on a mantel with part of the stocking stuffers displayed in or on……..

I grabbed a few the other day at Salvation Army.

$.49 for the trays and old jewlery trees. $1.49 for the gold/yellow/glass dish, kind of thingy………

Want to see what a little spray paint can do?

These were not transformed into the shabby chic style.

They are going to be additions to my nieces Christmas presents….

So, they are teen girl style.

Remember the before?

Fun transformation, don’t you think?

Could you have fun transforming some of these?

Wouldn’t the turquoise and black one be pretty white?

These are great adult gifts too.

I love little trays like this.

Can you tell?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

What about you?

Like them?

Love them?

Want to make sure you are not on my “tray giving” Christmas gift list?

Want more Christmas gift ideas?

Let me know.



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