Yoga Out Loud!

Do you remember when I shared with you my hubby’s and my first EVER experience at Yoga?

If not….click here… was appropriately entitled D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

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It wasn’t pretty.

But I am not a quitter!

Poor Yoga people.

They can’t get rid of me that easy.

I am determined.


And now that I have started running, I need the stretching and toning that Yoga offers .

And not only am I determined to “get into” Yoga.

I have decided to chronicle my progress.

Lucky you.

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My series is going to be called.

“Yoga Out Loud”.

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Get it?

You aren’t allowed to talk in Yoga.

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“Yoga Out Loud” will be when I can talk about my experience.

Hic, that very funny Yoga study


This was not my experience.

I would D-I-E if this EVER happened.

Excuse me “Mr. Yoga Man”….but Yoga is not an excuse to touch my private parts.

Know what I’m saying?


I know it’s supposed to be like a gynecologist not noticing the fact that I’m buck naked when he is examining me but we all know they notice…and probably talk about our….ummmm…..privates.

But your “Yoga man hand” on my “Hootchie Cootchie“?

I would struggle with that.

Yep, yep, I would.

I worry about my body parts the whole class.

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Some people do not.
This will not be happening in our class. I pray!

Oh. Dear. Me.

See, that is my problem.

It is SO hard for me to stop “thinking” long enough in class and stop worrying about NOT “getting the poses”….or worrying about what my body is doing…..that I am missing out on truly experiencing Yoga.

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Yoga is a “mind AND body” exercise.

I have exercised my body before, which helped my “mind-set”.

But I have never exercised my mind, therefore strengthening my body.

Get it?

Clear as mud?

Simply put…..I have to stop thinking about Yoga to GET Yoga.

Stop being afraid of what my body is doing, so that I can experience what my body IS doing.

Know what I mean?

Listen little grasshoppers…..I have much to tell you.

Just call me “Confused-cious”.

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I know….I am WAY not there.

But one breath at a time….one step at a time….and I’m trying to understand what Yoga is about.

There is so much more to experience than I ever knew.

SO many more ways that I can “become fit”.

Mind AND body.

I am ready to delve deeper.

I will explain my path as I take it.

Learning the etiquette, terms, positions and whatever else comes my way.

And I’m taking you with me.

You’re welcome.

Have you wanted to experience Yoga but you were not sure what it is about?

Not sure if you would “fit in”?

Not sure if you could do it?

I will be our guinea pig.


Then I will tell you about it.

I will talk about it “OUT LOUD“.

And one of the awesome instructors may comment on my posts to “educate” or “inform” us on any issues I experience or talk about along the way.
Don’t worry…they “get the sarcasm” and enjoy it. So I will not be offended. That is what we want to do….I truly say the stuff “out loud” that everyone thinks and they will guide us.

That is their goal.

To help us truly experience Yoga.

One breath at a time.

Are you ready????

I am.



PS. If you would like to start this journey with me, I would LOVE it. Right now you can contact the YOGA IN COMMON or YOGA IN THE FOREST by clicking on this link. You can also check out their FACEBOOK page here. Here’s the deal…they want you to try this. To truly form an opinion you need to attend at least SIX classes. So they are offering this special: “TRY US OUT PASS”. This pass will give you 30 DAYS of unlimited yoga ! That is $50.00 for 30 days. You can go for more than six classes. You can go to three classes a day if you want! It’s for you to try it out. Try different classes! Mention YATTMBLOG and let them know you want the “try us out” pass. I hope to see you there! They have two convenient locations. One at Carolina Forest, where I will be. One at Rivertown Commons, where I will not be. ; )

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