Noel Chalkboard Secrets

Remember my cute NOEL banister chalkboards?

Want to know how to make your own easy Christmas chalkboards?

I will show you how!

 Well, here is a quick and easy tutorial to make your own!

I love chalkboards. It is such a fun and inexpensive way to add a statement in any room.  You can see some of my past chalkboard posts here, here and here.

Who remembers me showing you how to make “finger friendly chalk“?  One of my most popular posts! Who woulda’ thunk? You won’t believe how easy and how cute it looks when you are done!

But anyways….. these sweet little chalkboards started out like this…….

You can get them at Michael’s and I think I spent less than 59 cents on each with my coupon.

First step……..

Take off the twine. I debated this because I am a “lazy” painter but knew that it would be much neater to do it without. I am proud of myself!

I used a sample red “Valspar” color that went on my front door. Looks bright right now doesn’t it?

 I know you are worried about what my door turned out like…..but it looked great on the door.


You can see the door transformation on my post titled Door Drama. You won’t believe what it looked like to begin with.

But back to the frames…. Paint the outside first.

Then chalk paint on the inside. I just used the “light wood” surface they already had. I use at least three coats of chalk paint and I have used it on glass, mirrors and wood and never had any issues. In between coats of paint did you know that you can put your brush in a baggie and store in your fridge?

I do it all the time…..remember, I’m a lazy painter….. that way you don’t have to keep washing your brush in between coats of paint.

So you have painted the chalk paint and the frame…… Re-tie your twine, touch up your frame and……

Wah lah! Easy and inexpensive.

They would make great ornaments, gift tags……you name it. Think you can handle it? I do. I would love to meet you and hear what you have to say!

 I know you have been as busy as I have and if you need to play “catch-up”….

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