Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you finished shopping ?

Are you just starting?

Are you panicking?

Well, I was worried about you and your mental state.


Since I only have my doctorate in “”……
I can’t write prescriptions for prozac.

Although I can falsely diagnose any cold into a full blown case of terminal pneumonia, or I can quickly identify and “pin-point” that side cramps are acute appendicitis….. so, please email me if that is needed. I will be at your beck and call. You’re welcome.


Since I can’t dole out Prozac,  I thought I would share a few last minute gift ideas. A few items I purchased for the “hard to buy for” family member.
I am sharing this  in the hopes that it is not just me that is still finishing up their shopping list.

It isn’t just me is it?



It isn’t just me, is it?

Well just in case…here are a few guy gift ideas that can still make it to your mailbox in time for Christmas…or you could do what I REFUSE to do….and drive to the store and pick them up.
I have issues.

Ready? All two of us?

Here are some last minute and A FEW ON SALE ideas.
The links are attached…….

Techy guy idea…..
Dockers® Texting Leather Gloves (I thought these were really handy, I hope the guys that I bought them for think so too)

sale $27.50 
Coupon code 15% off everything “Stocking15”. Spend over 100.00 and use coupon code “Stocking20”
I LOVE the idea of being able to text with gloves on. NOT while you are driving though…Kk?

Dockers Texting Leather Gloves

This one was appealing to me….not sure if it would be needed or not……I could see it being handy in some cases…..

Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger
$29.50 with free s/h
UPDATE: I just found this coupon code for 40% off! 39427841 Try it!


For the “Survival Men Dorks” that I live with or am related to…this is perfect.
For everyone else…..don’t be offended…but if you have your own survival man….you will appreciate this idea. 
SE 7″ Hunting Knife with Fire Starter 

$6.75 with FREE S/H

SE 7

Gerber 31-000701 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

Was 65.00 now $35.73 with Free S/H

Need something for a dad or a “gentleman” like I am married to? He loves hats….he looks “yummy” in hats. So, I now love hats.

Indiana Jones Fedora 
Coupon code 15% off everything “Stocking15”. Spend over 100.00 and use coupon code “Stocking20″ 
 Indiana Jones FedoraGive you a few ideas?

A few things to work with?
Calm you down at all?

Ok…..some last minute girly gifts….I will make it quick.

These are “hot” right now with the ladies…..haven’t made it to my chunky calved self…I had my fun wearing them in the 80’s….I will live with that for now.

regular $20.00 
Coupon code 15% off everything “Stocking15”. Spend over 100.00 and use coupon code “Stocking20″ 

  Simply Vera Vera Wang Textured Leg Warmers

I have been talking about these…they are said to be the most flattering jeans, even compared to super high priced jeans. Some of you guys agreed that they are when I mentioned them on Facebook.
Might be perfect for someone you know….or yourself ; ) I actually just need to bite the bullet and get a pair while they are on sale.

Women’s The Diva Skinny Jeans
$29.50 Petite and tall too. 
20% off with ONHURRY20 Coupon code.

Women’s Merona® Cashmere Cable Scarves

Buy One Get One 50% off!

$24.99 Online Price

  Women's Merona® Cashmere Cable Scarves.Opens in a new window 

The Help (2011)

List Price: $29.99
Price: $16.99



Did this help at all?

Need more ideas?

Want me to hush and leave you alone?

Want to come help me finish and wrap?

Need my expertise?

Let me know your thoughts!

I love hearing from you!



 PS. if this post is entertaining or inspiring, I would love it if you would share it. You can share many ways with Facebook and Email.  I love you guys! Love, Me

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