Dear 16 Year Old Me + Giveaway

This is not a Christmas post…….

But it is necessary as winter is upon us.

I don’t talk about this often.

And I am rather insecure about my scar.

This is my leg……….

In the air…..while I’m laying down. Great pose Rebecca?

That big scar. That big chunk of my lower calf that a plastic surgeon had to cut out.

It started out as a freckle………..

I am a freckly person.

It changed colors, itched a little….then started looking normal again.

I decided to get it checked.

The Dr. wasn’t really concerned about it.

He was more worried about the freckles he had removed from my back.

The freckles on my back were not the problem.

This freckle.

It was melanoma.

I tanned in tanning beds occasionally.

But I loved the sun.

I tanned pretty carefully as I grew older…but the younger me loved a good dark tan.

It made me feel pretty.


Is not pretty.

I never worried about melanoma.

But it did happen.

I have a very high risk of finding more.

I am believing I won’t……but the risk I took when I was younger……..

They doubled my chances…even tripled them… having melanoma now.

Please share this video.

“Thrifty Decor Chick” shared it on her Facebook and I want you to watch it…..share it….but I want you to know more than that.

It is real.

It happened to me.

The season where your tan is fading.

You are feeling pale.

Be smart.

And know………it could happen to you.

Please share this.

Do you remember when I posted about finding melanoma before?

Do you remember the tan towels that I use that give the best “natural” glow of all tanning cremes I have used?

Today if you share this post…..and comment…..I will pick three random winners from the comments.

You will each receive “Five” tan towels. Go to this post to see what I’m talking about. You will also see what a value you are getting and how good they look applied.

I love you all and would appreciate you sharing this for me.



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