Busy Year 2

We had a sweet time with family last night exchanging our nieces and nephews gifts. The kids were funny and one nephew is the perfect example of how to react to any gift. Every single gift he opened, be it a dollar tree toy, he would get so excited and exclaim that it was the best present EVER. He wasn’t being fake or sarcastic, he was seriously ecstatic. EVERYthing was exactly what he had always wanted. I am a child of seven. Seven kids…seven spouses…..it can add up. So, now the adults exchange names. Rather than buying for every brother and sister, we buy for only another set of spouses. But…seven spouses = lots of kids and cousins. Now, as of next year, we are going to be exchanging names between the cousins. It will be different for our kids but with so many cousins we all felt it is more realistic.
Have you had to change any of your gift buying for relatives and friends?
We are going to go see “Tin Tin” today with the nieces and nephews, anyone seen it?
Then we will have one last family Christmas exchange with Romeo’s family tonight.
I’m savoring people….trying not to just be relieved. : ) Trying to practice what I talked about in this post.
I’m stupid, now I can’t whine. Dang it.
It HAS been fun going through this last years posts though.
So, couple quick re-caps for newbie’s and oldies from this past year……..I am only picking a few from each month.
Do any of you remember what it means when  a bell rings at Goodwill? Remember when I found out?
This was also the month that you all found out the details on our outside pool and cabana area. How we were able to complete it on a budget and shared some of those ideas.
I found out that three out of the four yard sale pieces of art I found actually had some real value.
Cheap black spray paint transformed my pool cabana furniture. That spray paint has held up so well in the hot summer sun. I am actually surprised. I shared my “secret weapon” on making spray paint so much more productive.
I finally finished the picnic quilt, made for Romeo’s daughter using his old shirts………
I started working on the projects for Freebirds apartment and this was one of the favorites.
Found this gorgeous rug on Craigslist
Transformed a Craigslist table into our new breakfast room table.
And I am going to stop there for today.
My summer was extremely productive and June had some very popular posts.
I will show you more of what happened this past year tomorrow.
Off to try to run off the five pounds I have gained this Christmas!
Let me know good or bad on “Tin Tin” and if you have had to change any of your gift giving with relatives and how you handled it.
Love you all!

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