Happy New Year!

How do you celebrate the new year?
Do you party?
Just hang out at home?
Just hang out at home and try to stay up until midnight? (Me! Me! Me!)
We are so lame……….

We may get a little wild and crazy and watch a movie to try to make it long enough to watch the ball drop.

Have you made New Years Resolutions? I’m not really big on those. If I make them for New Years….I find that personally, I am not really committed.

I am going to just stay committed with my running and exercise.
I would like to start the New Year with more de-cluttering. I did a lot of that yesterday and intend to do more. I want LESS stuff. LESS clutter. My closet…….let’s not even talk about that. It is equipped with about four sizes of clothes as my weight has fluctuated so badly and I am praying I will make it back to my smaller size. I hate to get rid of them. It is the bulk of my wardrobe. Then, there is my “professional” wardrobe, in my smaller sizes. I hate to get rid of that wardrobe. I still may have to take another job. I will need those clothes, if I can shrink some. My weight….that has been a huge frustration……

Ahh……wait a minute….let me just take a breath.

It is a new year. New beginnings. New frame of mind.

You know what? I will make a New Years resolution this year. 
I am not going to ADD anything “to do” this year…..I am going to make of resolution of “what not to do”……….I am going to “banish” some things.
Banished: Forbid, abolish, or get rid of

Those thoughts in my head of negativity about my body. This new year……BANISHED! I will commit myself to not speaking negatively about my body or looks.
Those wounds from past hurts or offenses against me, that I can sometimes dwell on……BANISHED! I will commit myself to not allowing the pains that sneak up and try to overtake me be given any power. They are in the past and they will stay there. Each time they sneak up…I will claim them as power and strength and they will make me a stronger person. They are PAST wounds….PAST. I am giving them power they do not have.
Those “fears” that sneak up and sometimes try to overcome me in finances, the raising of my children, anything…..BANISHED! Those are lies….I will not listen to them and I will know that they are there to weaken me and not be allowed.

So my New Years……..it is a new year but just like every day is a new day. No special powers. The special power is within me. I have the power and ability to make each day new.

So do you.

What will you do with it? Happy New Year! Happy New Day!

More recaps for those still enjoying the wrap ups. Her ya’ go! I will just pick a few from each month.


A milk paint project with COLOR. Something totally different for me to try.

Another BU-GLY chair transformed and you got to meet my daddy…….


A fun stool transformation inspired by Tracy from Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures. She has a very important post today…..please visit her and check it out.

I started my thrift store tray obsession and crazily, it became one of my most popular posts. You all LOVE thrift store trays like I do! Remember the finger friendly chalk? My mom still thinks it is a fake cigarette…..

I went to Colombia, South America for my precious friends wedding. ALL BY MYSELF! My dad about had a nervous break down and I almost wasn’t allowed in the country……..

My post on “following your heart” with how you decorate and how it landed me into an antique collector’s home from a Craigslist ad…….well, it was well liked.

The Good Will vase that Romeo and I found…..it was easily transformed into this pretty and this post become on of my most “clicked” on posts for quite awhile.

I shared our attempt at going to Dollywood in the rain and how my son did not think the ponchos were cool for some reason. I asked if you could guess which one was me in this photo. You guys are so smart. I couldn’t believe how many of you could tell which one was me.


I was reminded to “Embrace whatever season” I am in…..savor it…..don’t rush it……..great reminder again this New Year.

Source: just-a-brown-eyed-gir1.tumblr.com via Bobby on Pinterest

My tired topiaries were freshened and changed. And look at the nasty door! It was made new soon after!

I will stop there as we are almost finished! The new year is upon us!

I can’t wait to start this new year with you.

Oh no……..If I have banished all my ugly talk about myself this new years, what will I blog about?

Dang it.……….

I am sure I will think of something.

What are you plans?
What are your resolutions?
Do you have something you would like to share with us on your thoughts on the new year?
Tomorrow night I post the linky party again. I know taking a week off was not smart when I am a new partier but the time off with my family was so worth it. I can’t wait to see what everyone is up to!

Happy New Years friends!



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