Happy Anniversary!

Sometimes……I wonder how deep our love will grow.

You truly are my best friend.

But I wonder…..

Was there not a moment when you thought to yourself……”Hmmmmm….what have I gotten myself into?”

Like when I had the terrible episode with some freakazoid reaction to sodium on our honeymoon and one leg looked like this?

Wasn’t that pretty?

And when I thought it would be really neat for us to explore on our own on one of the islands that we stopped at and we rented ONE four wheeler. Remember how the helmet wouldn’t fit your head and the four wheeler barely fit both of our bodies? When we found out later the four wheeler had been wrecked and we were too far to return it? Remember how I had to drive it the whole way forcing the steering to not take us over the cliffs that I had somehow navigated us to?  Remember how I got us lost….terribly lost…..and we literally were stuck in traffic and a construction worker sympathized with us when we told him our story side by side in traffic….and he took you in the car on back roads and I followed on the four wheeler? Remember how we had to trust he wasn’t a murder/robber? Remember how it took panicked hours to get back to the four wheel rental place and then the ship? Remember how I found out that my bathing suit top had slipped down under my cover up when I finally was able to drop the four wheeler off and get in the car with both of you? How I found out I had been following you and  driving the four wheeler with my top portion of my body totally exposed through the wide/wide/wide open side of my cover up? Remember how that finally brought some clarity to the hoots and hollers I had been receiving and I thought it was because they weren’t used to seeing four wheelers?

Remember how they almost didn’t let us back on the ship, once we ran as fast as we could to catch it as it was ready to depart?

Wasn’t that so funny?  Wasn’t that a special memory?

Remember how shortly after our return my nose was broken? My nose was broken? Who does that happen to? I had to have surgery….and wear a bandage and had a black and blue face? Wasn’t that neat?

Or when during that recovery I used the Ambien sample the doctor had given and because one didn’t work I took two…….and had that hideously awful reaction. You know…the one where I thought there were confederate soldiers in our yard and you were wearing a uniform? That logs were on our bedroom floor that I was having to walk over as you led me to the restroom? That I kept trying to tell you that I needed to call my daughter and you said it was probably best that I didn’t. That you finally had to let me and I cried on the phone with her and freaked her out and then you had to get on the phone and explain that her mother was “tripping” on Ambien. An experience neither of us had ever experienced, were not even aware could happen and both of us were scared to death.

Wasn’t that neat?

Then during that recovery time we realized that something funky was going on with our kitchen floor and found out the refrigerator had been leaking for quite some time. The tile had been absorbing it and we saw this when we started feeling the tile crack.

Remember how there was mold under the whole floor and up the walls

And we lived like this for a large portion of our first year together?

Remember how we almost lost my dad……twice. You were there every second…not only for me but for my family.

Remember how we spent a precious year with your father and then lost him a day after our first anniversary to leukemia.

We have endured financial struggles.

We have had new grandchildren.

We have made precious memories with each of our children.

I found out I had melanoma.

You had a knee replacement.

We have laughed.

We have cried.

Did you never wonder what you had gotten yourself into?

I bet you haven’t.

I know you haven’t.

Because the smile I had this day……..

Was real.

Not forced.

And it was because I knew I had found the one true love that adored everything about me.
The good, the bad and the accident prone.
I have learned what it feels like to be respected, loved and adored.
You love me no matter what.
And I can definitely give you the “no matter what“.
And you love that about me. You don’t see it as a weakness nor use it against me. It is something that you treasure in me.

We have lived a life time of memories in our short time together.

And I cannot imagine the lifetime of memories ahead of us.

You are my best friend.

I fall more in love with you each day.

You are the prince every little girl dreams of.

You have made my dreams come true.

Happy Anniversary…….


Your wife

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