Meet Me Monday #17

Hello and Happy New Year!

Have you settled down?

Was this a festive but restful season for you?

Have you been busy?

As you know, I took last weeks party off to savor some family time and although I missed my party friends, I enjoyed the time with my family.

I hope you enjoyed that time as well.

I will be posting my party earlier in the day from now on. I feel like 8pm is an awkward time, not just for me but for others. I would like to start the party at 4pm Sunday night. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding?

How many of you know what time parties post? I would love to get an organized list together. Do you already have one? Do you care about that?

To get this party going I am going to share a few projects from the last party that can work for year round.

Refresh Restyle shared a cool lamp that was NOT DIY. Sometimes….that is so nice. Great find from Target.

Art is Beauty has mastered the “Art” of home-made mercury glass…….


The Lazy Hobby Hopper shared an awesome “Lemon Cake” recipe….I love lemon cake.
I really, really do.
I need it.

That is just a few of the awesome entries.

Let’s see what you have been up to. It does NOT have to be DIY related.
I just want it to be a fun time we can all connect!
Don’t forget to party at the other Monday party places after you link up here!

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Only two rules!

Like or follow YouAreTalkingTooMuch somehow, someway if you do NOT already. I want to make sure you stick around.
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That easy.

Link up!

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