Lamps and I’m coming out of the closet!

I have been wanting to show you a couple of lamps that I recently acquired.

One at a yard sale.
Two from Craigslist.
One from Good Will.

Hmmmm……I may have you guess which one is from where. Just to keep it spicy and fun around here!

But having you guess is not why I am showing you my new lamps. I have a couple of questions.


Excuse the quality of the photos because I took them this morning when it was still a little dark outside….the lighting was yucky. Pardon my yucky photos.

Okee Dokee.
This is one of my favorites.

It is an antique. I think I will let you guess how much I paid for it too……
Aren’t I precious?

Ok,  I am pretty positive will live here at my front door.

The next lamp…..ready? Are you so excited?

Where do you think this lamp came from? Also an antique. Can you guess how much?

Ok, the third one, I am not sure where it is going to live. You will love or hate this lamp.

I am just warning you.

I love it. No matter how much you may hate it….it will not change my love of this lamp. Got it?

Ok…….before I show it to you…….

First, remember how I re-did my traditional lamp and it has been living in my living room? Then I made the glass vase that I found at Good Will into a lamp and it has been living in my living room too?

Well, I gotta’ lotta’ lamp looks going on right now. I have “lamp-tipule” personality syndrome.

Ok…what it looks like now. You can diagnose it yourself.

See what I’m saying? But the three different lamps….they  don’t bug me. I embrace their differences.
I’m a new age kind of woman.
My question and dilemma……
I would like to take the lamp on the right, “the traditional to today lamp“, and maybe move it to my bedroom.
And I would like to put the new/used, love it or hate it, lamp in it’s place.

So, now you get to see the love it or hate it lamp.
Be merciful.

What if I freaked you really out and told you I was considering keeping the old, outdated shade?
If I can dig the dust out of the crevices, that is.
I LOVE this lamp.
I LOVE brass.
I do. I’m sorry. I tried to fall in love with nickel but it wasn’t real and true love.
I really love the traditional look and I LOVE brass!

What a relief..…………

Please don’t un-like or un-friend me now.
Because I need your help.

With my multiple lamps, I am not sure this “love it or hate it lamp” is going to work in my living room. Unless maybe I change the shade to a rounder shade to blend more with my glass lamp.

Those three lamps are a weird look, aren’t they?
I wish I could have taken more photos with better lighting.

But, alas, I didn’t.

I also should have broken this 5 hour long post into about twelve different post….but, alas, I didn’t.

So……….here is your daily brain tease.
One of the lamps I showed you came as a “pair”.
All are antique or old, pretty dang old.
One was from Craigslist, one from a yard sale, one from Good Will.

That’s a lot of questions. You can answer whatever you want.

My main question is, does it look right in the living room? It is so unique I wanted to “show it off” in there. For real. I sort of wanted to show it off, I liked it that much. I’m shallow like that.

Either way. I would love your thoughts on if it works in the living room or not.
Then if you want to guess on the other stuff……feel free. Wonder how much I paid? Wonder which one is from where? Which one is a pair?

Let’s see how you do!

I can’t wait to hear from you!



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