Lamp answer and Tanning cloth winners!

So, I had a few guesses on yesterdays’ post.….

You guys were pretty close……

But no cigar.

If you are a cigar smoker.

Here ya’ go…..

The brass one…..

Half off of $5.55 at Good Will!
Guess what Tracy from Tracy’s Trinket’s and Treasures emailed me last night?

She Photo shopped this Target shade on my brass lamp!
Isn’t she a genius?
I love it this way!
I am running to Target tomorrow!
Literally. I am not going to even get in my car. I am just going to run there. It should only take 7 hours.
Maybe I will “drive” to Target instead.
Thank you Tracy!
What a great deal on that lamp and I will love it with the new shade!

The blue and white lamp……

$2.00 at a yard sale!
I about died when they told me $2.00.
For real.
I about fell over dead.
In their driveway.
Holding my lamp.
I was so stinking excited.
I almost passed by this yard sale.
It was an apartment complex with a few things laying in their driveway.
They said they were given it from the mans grandmother…it just wasn’t their style.
I can’t imagine selling something like that. Even if not my style. I would put it in my attic and see if one day it would be my kids style.
It is a very nice, quality lamp and you can tell by the cord and where the socket is, that it is older.
It is heavy and has a dark wooden base.
It only has numbers on the bottom. I have not found a brand or name on the lamp yet….but I haven’t looked very hard. I intend to investigate.

The next one….it is a little different for me.
But it grew on me.
They were a pair and are antiques.
I purchased the pair for $20.00 from the same lady that I got my antique rugs and Persian pillows and tapestry from.
Here is that post if you don’t remember all that gorgeous stuff. It’s worth checking it out, if you missed it.
I found these through Craigslist.

All of those lamps TOGETHER for less than $30.00!

All antique or old.

All excellent quality.

I think I love lamps.
Actually, I KNOW I love lamps.
I love old lamps.

I love thrifting!!!! It is so rewarding to see my home filled with pieces that I could NEVER afford to buy new.
Quality pieces.

Are you a thrifter? Do you give up too easy if you have a couple of attempts and do not find anything?
I can honestly tell you that for a couple of weekends, my husband and I literally came home with nothing. It is hit or miss. You just have to be consistent and enjoy the hunt. We yard sale one area only. We don’t want a ton of “just stuff”. We just look for the “occasional treasure”.
And many times, we have found it.
As for my lamps. I think and I’m not sure, I’m still researching…..that the blue and white or brass lamp may be more valuable than the antique pair. There is something unique about each of them. You know I love to find out more of the history on the pieces I find. It is part of the fun.


Get it? Last year?

Har dee har!

Three winners are………

Sonja · 2 weeks ago

I am not freckly but olive skinned. I Love to be be tanned but I know I have tanned too much both in sun and tanning beds. Having spots checked out is scary but necessary. I extremely dislike white pale skin on myself so am looking forward to purchasing some of the tan towels and trying them out!

Thanks for posting. I am very fair and have lots of moles and freckles. I don’t check myself as often as I should. This video is powerful.

I had the same thing happen to me. I didn’t use any SPF higher than 4 when I was young. At 31 years old I went to the doctor and cut some things off…turned out to be melanoma. They found another one a few years later. I go every three months now and hope that it never happens again. I’m so much smarter with my kids. They wear long sleeve swim shirts all summer long.
Each winner receives FIVE tan towels. FIVE! That’s like the POWERBALL of Tantowel giveaways. I would never miss another post of mine again if I were you. Ever. I’m like the POWERBALL of bloggers! If I do say so myself. And I did.
Judy, Michelle and Sonja email your addresses to I will get them right to you!
So, do you like Tracy’s shade sample?
Do you have a lamp lust problem like I do?
Are you a give up thrifter or a consistent thrifter?
Love hearing from you all!

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