$15.00 velvet chair

I found this antique, velvet chair on Craigslist…….

It fits me perfect. I saw a special one time on TV about Dolly Parton’s touring bus. All of her furniture on her bus, was custom made and fitted for her size. Super tiny.

This chair is tiny. Super tiny.

I love it.

It fits my hiney.

That is not tiny.

But it does fit my short legs.

Which are short.

Old, antique velvet…………and it fits me perfectly.

It’s like I’m Dolly Parton.

But without the “bus”.

AND without the “bust”.


See my old living room lamp?

It is better here, don’t ya’ think?

What’s up with the little crooked topiary next to it though?

I need to work a bit on that area.

Wait until you see this little pretties “velvet sister”.

Golden…….tiny and gorgeous.

Tons of gathered velvet, just like this chair.

But it is in my messy closet, so you can’t see it right now.

My name is Rebecca and I have a messy, messy closet.

I don’t think we are closet worthy friends yet.

Do you?

It might run you off……..

So, let’s change the subject.

Would you keep a chair like this or re-cover it?

I am going to keep it as it is.

I love it.

I love it’s lumpy seat…gathered velvet and perfect color.

Do you ever implement old pieces with your new pieces?

Do you mix your style if it is a piece you love?

Do you have a messy closet?

I would love to know.



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