Meet Me Monday Party

Last weeks party saw us all slowly awakening from our “Holiday” stupor.

Taking a week off did slow the party down some, so I hope to see it pick back up today!

I am ready to see what you all have going on!

Here are a few faves of last weeks links….

Jessica from “Craft Geek” shared her Vans re-do.
Check her out.
Comment on her cute post of “blinging” up your plain ‘ole Vans.
She is ONLY 20!
She is our baby blogger!
She is so smart to start blogging early.
Let’s help her grow!
“Chatty Chics” shared her awesome and she calls it “EASY” nursery mural.
“Pondered Primed Perfect” shared an UNBELIEVABLE score at her local Good Will.
Wait until you see her plans……
“One Dog Woof” shared this SO cool braided T-Shirt scarf.
See…I like this scarf….I wouldn’t feel like it was taking over my neck.
I love scarfs but when I try to wear them….it feels like I am the “Michelin Woman”.
I can never pull it off. She is making me think that I could pull this one off.
She shows you how to make them……
What do you think? Check it out?
“Lady with the Red Rocker” shared how to make “DIY Dishwasher Packets”.
So smart AND thrifty!

“Upscaled Down Home” gave new life to an old painting and old tray.
See how she combined the two.
You will LOVE it!

And I must stop there although I would love to share them all.
You can always go back and visit last weeks party to see them again.

But now it is time to see what all you have been up to this week!
It does NOT have to be DIY related.
Just share what you have been talking about this week.
I can’t wait to meet you and can’t wait for my readers to meet you!

Only rules:
*Follow this bloggy in some fashion. I want to keep you around!
*Link back to “YouAreTalkingTooMuch” in some fashion on the link that you are sharing. You can grab a button (on my button page) or use a text link.

Try to visit around and comment on some other links. WE ALL LOVE COMMENTS.

I have NOT had time to party ANYwhere lately and am ready to get my party back on and plan to also visit and comment around as well.

Remember! You can party at all of these other great Monday linky parties after hitting mine!
They and THEIR READERS can’t wait to meet you!

Other Monday parties:

Three Mango Seedsyou are talking too much

So, let’s see what you have going on!

Link up!

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