Brass Lamp Shade

Ok……I bet you didn’t see this coming………

I’m freaking you out aren’t I?

I TOTALLY went shopping with the intention of hitting Target and getting the awesome shade Tracy photo shopped for me…….

Remember it?

Loved it!

Remember the Good Will before?

And now.
I know!
I never expected to go all wild and crazy!
I didn’t.
I just stopped by HomeGood’s before Target and this shade… fell in love with me.
Then, I fell in love with it.
On accident.
And what is really going to freak you out.
What freaks me out…..
I spent less than $30.00 on my four antique lamps that I shared with you “here”……
But before I tell you how much I spent on this shade …..
Let me show you what a good deal it was.
$59.00 to $69.00
My shade……
Good deal.
Scary spending!
Home Goods.
Embroidered. Same quality.
But…. I love it.
I have never spent that much on a shade.
I know that is pitiful….but I haven’t.
I have never even spent that much on a lamp, let alone a shade.
I know that is pitiful……but I haven’t.
I never spend that much period.
For real.
The real world prices scare me.
I live in a thrift store, online shopping clearance bubble.
It’s a whole new world out there people!
I’ll tell you a little secret……I hate shopping.
This is how much I do not shop in “real” stores.
I didn’t even know that we have a Pottery Barn and Anthropologie store here in our town.
I have shopped them online….when there is an awesome deal…but never in their “real” store.
I went to my first real Anthro store the other day.
It was wonderful!
But I had sticker shock.
I only look for discounted and clearance when I am on-line….the real thing sort of freaked me out.
That’s why buying this $34.00 dollar shade is so NOT like me.
I loved Tracy’s white shade…..and Targets was only $16.00.
But I accidentally loved this one more.
I’m sorry Tracy.
Don’t hate me.
I like mixing patterns if they are in the same exact color scheme.
Does it freak you out?
How cool did this shade make my Good Will $2.50 lamp look?
How fun is  this?
Let me know your thoughts.
Freaking out?
Love it?
Like the plain white better?
Love the old yellowed pleated?
Hate it all?
It’s ok.
I will still keep it either way…..
But I love hearing your thoughts.
I love your honesty.
Talk to me!
Love you all!

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