Valentines “Love” Boards

I am decorating “lightly” for Valentines Day this year.

I enjoy this holiday.

Reminding my family of my “love” for them.

I will highlight a few of my little “pops” of Valentines around the house this week.

One fun and easy decoration that I “re-used” or “re-cycled” from Christmas is in the “works”. It is not totally finished yet….but getting there.

Do you remember what the boards used to say?

Ok, word scramble game…….

From the word NOEL….I only had to change one letter to have my boards say LOVE.

Which letter?


Ready for the answer?

“N” is now a “V”.

Pretty easy!

I plan to spruce it up a bit but wanted you to see it now so you can get started on your own “LOVE” chalk boards.

I originally shared this tutorial on “My Repurposed Life”, so in case you missed it…here are the easy steps.

I purchased the plain wooden frames from Michaels. They are SUPER inexpensive. Like less than a dollar. I think I spent 59 cents with my coupon.

Take off the twine. Seems time consuming, but makes it so much easier to paint.

I painted my frames red, which worked great for the Christmas holidays and transitioned well into Valentines.

Add your chalkboard paint.

Stick your twine back in and Wah Lah!

That’s it!

You could use small dollar tree frames.

Different sizes……

Make this project, “your own”.

I am going to add some valentines ribbon to my banister boards and I will also show you the little touches that I have placed throughout the house for Valentines.

Do you decorate at all for Valentines Day?

Do you re-use any of your Christmas decor and “implement” it into your Valentines?

Have you taken down your Christmas yet?

That is the burning question!

Answer up!



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