Shabby White Dresser

Yes, I have missed it.

The wonderful sunshine has been good for the soul!

I have loved it.

We have had a “northern” style winter. Probably not as cold as my Buckeye sister but sooooooo gloomy!

The sunshine has been healing.

And I pulled the brushes out again.

Turned on the space heater….

And got busy.

One hour later.

A little bit of paint and stain……

And this $25.00 CL dresser…..

Became this.


The glass knobs on the top two drawers are Anthropologie clearance that I shared with you all that follow me on Facebook.

Love them!

I have a few knobs that I can’t wait to show you…..

On my next sunny day.

So, has it been sunny in your neck of the woods?

Are you buried in snow?

In the warmth?

I know Granny is in a heat wave in Africa! I love reading her blog….don’t forget to check her out.

She hangs out here sometimes and you can meet her in the comment section. Such a funny post that I have sent to me every morning. A fun start to my day.

So how are your days?

Let me know.

Like the dresser?

I can’t wait to hear from you.



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