Beachhouse part 2

Tired of hearing about the beachhouse?

Oh. Sorry.

I’m not finished.

If you read part 1, you now know “part” of the story on how I obtained the beachhouse and trust me….I gave you the short version.

You also know that I am trying to aim for “golfers” in our non-peak season.

We are blessed to fill up every summer….it’s just the spring and fall I need to tap into.

Many of you asked where our beachhouse is.

It is in Cherry Grove, South Carolina. That is approx. 10 to 15 minutes from Myrtle Beach. 5 min. from North Myrtle Beach and 5 min. from Little River.

Cherry Grove is in my old “neck of the woods”. I grew up in North Myrtle Beach.

What I love about Cherry Grove.

#1. It is still like the “old” beach. Lots of smaller houses and not a ton of high rises. This is the row of houses across from us. Our avenues run like “alleys”. So it is a short walk to the beach. Very short. My mother walks it and she has lupus and can make it easily. We brought our golf carts and ran people back and forth too.

#2 on what I like about Cherry Grove. It is on an inlet. Below is the neighboring condo’s pool. (I never let ours get green. We keep it clean year round and it is heated as well) It also has jets so the golfers can get in and feel the jets after a long hard day of golfing. HA! It doesn’t get as hot as a hot tub but can  get near 95.
Do I get points for that?

PS. This is one of my favorite views from the house and we don’t really show it. This is the view from the back left bedrooms. You would have to sleep with your head at the foot of the bed to enjoy this view. Told you we don’t really “use” this view. : )

#3. Cherry Grove and NMB have one of the “widest” beaches. So in low tide and in high tide there is plenty of room to lay out. Our beaches here are not packed like Myrtle Beach. The photo below is where my hubby likes to lay out. The top front porch. He faces the ocean. Sorry for these pic’s. My camera was packed up and I was using Freebirds.

Know where the term “shabby chic” came from?

The salt air can bring rust and weathering to the beachhouse’s. So beachhouse’s can make “shabby” look “chic” and therefore it became “chic” to be “shabby”. Clear as mud?

I want you to know something. Below…. are newer grills. Less than a year old.

Our grills aren’t rusty…they are “shabby chic”.

#4 of my reasons I like Cherry Grove. I just like Cherry Grove.

The end.

This is the view on the main floor standing in the bedroom that I usually sleep in and looking into the living room. See that runner? Gorgeous and thick and new and found at the Cherry Grove Goodwill! YAY!!!

Side info:
I handle all the rentals myself.

Our actual website is When you go to that website and contact the owner….you get me. I just have on my “owners” hat and not my hat. So I will answer in my owners voice. Which is really similar to this voice but it is a little fancier and scripted. Then I will tell you in my owners voice if the house is available and how much it would be.

Most people just don’t know it’s me and that I’m probably answering them in my pajama’s.

Let’s keep that to ourselves. Kk?


This is how the beds look. You can rent linens or bring your own. The bedspreads are there. We wash them…I am funny about keeping them clean.

The bed on the right is where I sleep when I stay there. Not that you wondered.

This is the view upstairs looking into the upstairs landing and playroom. There are three futons in there that fold into three full beds. It is where we usually stick the younger cousins. See my matching Goodwill runner? YAY again!

The “playroom”. Fun for adults and kids. There is even an upstairs kitchen. We mainly used the frig for storage and ice and kept the cooking to the downstairs. Not that you wanted to know that either.

One of the upstairs baths….

One of the downstairs…they are not all blue. : )

Again….sorry I didn’t have my camera.

So……all of that to say….

Who recognizes the chairs in the upstairs landing?

Want a hint?

So…now the real scoop.

7BR, 5 1/2 baths. Sleeps 36 people or 18 men. Why only 18 men? Because men will not sleep together. It is how I have learned to even rent it out. Funny isn’t it? Ladies groups will sleep together….men….no way.

So….’nough said. Don’t ya’ think?

I really appreciate your kind comments. I also thank you all that said you would share or be interested in renting it out. We have been blessed to fill our summers, I would just like to target the off seasons for golfers. If you do share this post, then please tell your friends to contact me through Tell them to tell me that you…and who you are…sent me from the blog. I would like to make sure I know.

You are all why I blog.

So, have a favorite spot?

I haven’t even shown you our beaches.

Where would you hang out here?

Think your family would enjoy?

I would love to know!



0 thoughts on “Beachhouse part 2

  • March 29, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Cherry grove has been my family’s “go to” beach vacation for years and years!! We love it for all the reasons you have listed and for the memories that we have made there. We have to rent much smaller places though….. Money being what it is! But your place is lovely and makes me want to pack up the car and head for south Carolina! Beaulineaus is always our first stop!! Thanks for sharing you beautiful home.

  • March 30, 2012 at 12:29 am

    I’ve been itching for a vacation. If I knew enough people and had time off work, I’d be there in a heartbeat! Especially if I was renting from a lady whose dirty DIY secrets I know from her blog..LOL.

  • March 30, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    I recognized the chair!!!! And I would hang out on a porch. Either porch. Upstairs, probably, cuz then people won’t look at me so much. But I love the whole thing, so I could stay anywhere! And THANKS for keeping it real.

  • March 31, 2012 at 1:53 am

    What about a guest post on a golf blog, or a swap somehow on a golfblog network, or–dare I say– a gimme-way on a golf blog? One free weekend for an off-season? Bizcard drops at the courses? I’m working on it Reb…<3

  • March 31, 2012 at 1:57 am

    PS–once upon a time I took golf lessons, worked on a golf fundraiser for abused kids and golfers like value-added stuff,like auctions& such. Oh! driving ranges!! Fertile ground, m’dear—

  • April 6, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Gorgeous! Really makes me wish health allowed travel :-(. I’d much rather be there than home, one thing, it’s nicer, another it’s at the beach! Now i’m in the hospital with severe asthmatic bronchitis, predicted really bad season pollen season. Wish I could be there.


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