Home grown vegetables without a garden

My sister is probably one of the thriftiest people I know. She has found an awesome way to have fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables for her family at an extremely low price and without her own garden. If you have a garden you will want to still read this post for yourself or for someone you know that would like to participate in a program like this.

She gets all of this from her local co-op for $15.00 a basket.

Want to know what was in her basket today?

2 bunches of Cilantro
4 Cucumbers
6 Zucchini
3 bunches of green onions
quart baggie of mushrooms
4 corn on the cob
4 oranges
2 kiwis
12 lemons
3 tomatoes
6 pears
Bag of seedless grapes
Bag of baby carrots


I am going to interview my sister so that you all can find out more about what a co-op is and how you could participate in one in your own area.

Readers, meet Sonja. Sonja, meet readers.

Me: Hey…..

Sonja: Hey, back at ya’.

Me: How does your garden grow?

Sonja: Stop. I thought you were going to interview me.

Me: I am.

Sonja: Then do it right.

Me: Quit bossing me.

Sonja: Seriously?

Me: Now, don’t be sassy and just answer my questions. So, how does your garden grow?

Sonja: Do you mean my co-op?

Me: Yes, you aren’t going to be creative with this interview, are you?

Sonja: If you mean my co-op. I love it.

Me: Explain to me again what it is and why you are doing it.

Sonja: It is where a group of us are pooling our money together to get wholesale prices on fruits and vegetables. Our neighbor invited us to join after we moved here and we LOVE it.

Me: Does it really save you a lot of money?

Sonja: You know it does.

Me: I know it does but I have to ask you the questions. So, does it save you a lot of money?

Sonja: It has been an awesome money saver for us.

Me: Why is it only $15.00 for so much food?

Sonja: I am not sure what all co-ops charge but this is how our co-op works. I am a driver so my cost is $15.  Being a driver consists of driving once every 12 weeks or so to the farmers market to pay and pick up our fruits and vegetables.  The driver then takes the food pallets to a members house where it is sorted into our “fancy baskets” otherwise known as laundry baskets.  We all get the same things. The person who orders for us does it this way so we buy in greater bulk and receive a greater discount.  An email does go out before the order is placed so we can order extras/additional of whatever is on that weeks list and we pay separate for these items.  This list is of what is available not necessarily what we are getting in our basket.  We do not know what is in our basket until we pick them up.

Me: Wow. It already sounds neat. Do you have to qualify for this? Can anyone participate?

Sonja: Our co-op is for anyone. I believe most are. It is just a group of people coming together to get better prices.

Me: Is this  a monthly fee or per basket? Do you get one basket a month?

Sonja: It is per basket. We receive a basket every other Thursday.

Me: What do you like best about getting your baskets?

 Sonja: Since we never know what is going to be in our basket that week it is like Christmas morning for our family each time.  We absolutely love getting our basket.  Our children even look forward to seeing what is in our basket.  Very little if any goes to waste.  I freeze just about everything that we do not consume before it goes bad.  This is one of the best things our family has ever invested in.

Me: So, does that mean you will be buying me larger Christmas presents?

Sonja: I don’t buy you a Christmas present. We draw names.

Me: Oh. Yeah. That’s right.

Me: I’m not finished. I have another question. Is there a website for your co-op?

Sonja: Yes. http://wildonionco-op.blogspot.com/

Me: How would my readers find co-ops in their areas?

Sonja: Here are two websites I found by googling but I am sure there are more:

Me: Your services are appreciated.

Sonja: Quit

Me: Quit what? Thanking you for your services?

Sonja: Are you going to make me look stupid on your blog?

Me: Nope. Would I?

Sonja: Yes.

Me: Oh.

Me: One more question. Did you throw my precious nephew in these photos to make me miserable?

Sonja: Would I do that?

Me: Yes.

Sonja: Oh. Then, yes.

Me: You really are smart and thrifty.

Sonja: Thanks.

Me: Thank you for sharing what a co-op is. I love this idea.

Sonja: Am I finished?

Me: You are finished when I say you are finished.

Sonja: ~crickets~

Me: I guess you are finished.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my sisters local co-op.

Have you ever heard of a co-op? Do you participate in one?

If you do would you share the link to your co-op in your comments?

If you don’t participate, would you want to? What if you started your own?

I think it is such an awesome idea!

I would LOVE to hear what you think.

So would my sister.
Talk to us……


Me & Sonja

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0 thoughts on “Home grown vegetables without a garden

  • April 6, 2012 at 2:07 am

    In our area, we don’t really have co-ops, but we do have CSA – community supported agriculture – which does pretty much the same thing. You pay ahead for the season and it goes to help the farmer grow the produce. Then you get a certain amount every week, and you always know where your food is grown!

  • April 6, 2012 at 4:17 am

    This is actually the first time that I have ever heard of this! It is a really cool idea! oh…and btw, you had me laughing with your interview!

  • April 7, 2012 at 4:44 am

    We have one just like this here in Phoenix. Ours also has fruit in it. We love it! I know that the one we do is located all over the western states…or some of them, anyway!


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