I have never professed to be a smart gardener.

Remember my awesome garden in my pool planter boxes?

That was so neat until the 12 tomato plants, per box, took over. I had to remove six per box.
That doesn’t count the 4 squash plants per box that I had to remove as well to allow the other 4 per box to breathe.

I didn’t realize they get so “bushy” and “big”. They don’t show that on the picture…….

For real.

This year….I wanted more space. A real garden.

And it had to be planted by Good Friday. Even if it was freezing and pouring rain.

In my head. This outfit looked much more Marta Stewart-ish.

I am taking this from the golf cart, under the shelter of the trees, trying to talk myself out of having my garden “in” by Good Friday.

But….we did it!

By 3:00 pm the sun came out, which helped in keeping us warm while we installed an electrical fence.

We have a herd of deer that hang around here and I knew they would be my biggest obstacle in keeping my garden healthy.

That is one of the reasons I had kept my garden to my “pool boxes” previously. It kept deer from getting them.

My brother told me to make sure I put a “flag” of some sort on the wires to keep the deer from jumping over the fence. That if they get in the fence, they will tear it up before they can get out.

We haven’t turned on the electric yet and it has been “deer free” so far. (knock on wood)

Isn’t my little gate cute?

I plan to pretty up this space a bit but before I do, two very, important notes.

One: Guess who now has a freeze warning? I will get a lesson in covering our garden soon to protect it from frost.

Note two: When I planned my garden, I was very specific where I wanted it. I had stood out in my yard all winter and seen the corner that the sprinklers hit just perfectly.  I took the time to get my boxes built just right. I had dirt hauled in by a “BULL DOZER”….. I crushed fifty sprinkler lines. I knew taking the time to plan ahead was smart. I was SO stinking smart……. I have plans to feed the hungry,  struggling, homeless and us.

But I missed one teensy, tiny thing.

Can anyone guess it from this picture?

First one to guess it gets a free copy of my new, upcoming book of “How to NOT grow your garden”.



0 thoughts on “Gardening

  • April 11, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    What a huge amount of work – you kick butt girly! Good luck with the growing, Im not sure whats missing but Im sure it can be fixed where theres a will theres a way 🙂

  • April 11, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    No sun! I thought of it when I saw the first picture. You are a nut!

  • April 11, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Well now you can rig up “grow lights” above the garden and run elecrical wires out to it!


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