Wiggins Beach House

I shared with you my beach house….now I am going to share with you a real “shabby” chic style beach house.

We are going to be staying here until May 4th. I have shared it before for those of you that have been around for awhile. Go “here and here“, to read a few post on our previous stays at this “dreamy” beach house.

Many of you so sweetly supported me on my quest to bringing our beach house into the “positive” and how it is such a celebration that it finally has reached that stage. Thank you so much for that support. You can click here” and “hereto see my beach house and the story behind it. In commenting, many of you mentioned the fact that you love the Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove and Pawleys Island area. This is a great beach house for smaller groups that love the Pawleys Island area.

We love it. You have the Atlantic Ocean crashing in your front yard and the “creek”, the inlet, flowing in your back yard. The best of both worlds


Plus, it is smaller for those of you that do not need a beach house that is my size.

Wait until you meet the “Wiggins Beach House”.

Here is where I am keeping it real. I video taped the beach house with my iPhone when we first got here, so too much of “our” junk wouldn’t be laying around everywhere. You will enjoy watching this video when you see what I kept doing with my phone while I was taping. I had never used it for video before.  I knew you would enjoy the “realness” of this video. 
I like making other people feel smart. It is a gift.
Here is a little tour of the Wiggins Beach House and then I will share how to book this house for you or your family.

You can find the Wiggins Beach house listed on VRBO. http://www.vrbo.com/281017.

They are always filled up because it is such an awesome place and such a good deal.
If you do contact Grace, tell her Rebecca sent you from YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com.

And just so you know….I am not compensated for this post in any way.

I just want to help another owner out.



0 thoughts on “Wiggins Beach House

  • April 25, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    Uh….the video was a blank screen. I can hear your voice. Is that what you did to make us feel smart?

  • April 25, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    I love this house! It would be perfect for a sisters getaway. I also went and looked at your house. Your rate schedule popped up with 2008/2009 prices. I’m assuming they have gone up in the past 4 years. I may suggest your place to my sibs for a family getaway in the fall.

  • April 25, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    Blank screen for me too. I am really using my imagination!


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