A baby pirate’s dresser

I call this my “baby pirate” chest. Or…..”Peter Pan” antique chest that I found at a flea market.
It was worn out.

Peeling corners, top a mess…chunks missing here and there.

But the drawers worked perfectly and they looked awesome inside and the shape of the piece was sooooo pretty!

I wanted to leave it worn and respect the age of the piece but I wanted to give it a new life.

Want to see what I decided to do?

I’m nervous about this one.

Big time.

Be merciful my friends.

Can you read the script?

Yo ho ho….”A Pirate’s Life For Me”.

The little red chest I did this week had me thinking of pirates but this piece ,surprisingly, is the one that I wanted to play “pirates” with…..

Wouldn’t it be sweet in a boys bedroom? A boys nursery?

I went out on a limb here with this one but I wanted to give it a shot.

I left battered and chipped edges but sanded them smooth.

I thought it fit with the “pirate” theme. It respected the age and stage but gave it a “new” life.

I used gold leaf for the accents and felt it complimented the “original” aged brass pulls.

I used my cheapie cardboard little stencil cut outs for the lettering and will share what I am learning about letters in a later post.

Look how beautiful the wood in the drawers are? I think it is cedar?

All of the drawers are this gorgeous on the inside.

So……are you thinking….

HUH? What was she thinking?


I think I really like it.

The reviews so far have been really good.

I know it is a unique kind of piece to sell……

But what a sweet way for an old piece to “live on”.

Don’t you think?

I have more nursery pieces in mind…and no, I’m not pregnant.

And no…..I’m not having baby cravings.

It just felt right for this piece……..and it is giving me some ideas for other pieces……

I have this listed now and will see what happens……

Before you think I paint all pretty, antique wood.
ANITA……… ; )  (faithful reader who cringes when I cover pretty wood)

My favorite little antique red dresser was painted ONLY because it had several places that I had to repair. In order to hide my repairs…it needed to be painted. Got it?

Sidenote: About the red paint color….I am not evading sharing the “perfect red” with you but I painted on top of my bar code on the paint can….so I am going back to Lowe’s to make sure what color this is. I used two samples and this is my favorite. I want to make sure I have the right color before I tell you guys.

Ok…back to painting pretty, old wood.

I do not paint heritage pieces. I do not paint items if it will de-value the piece. I do not paint pieces just for the heck of it.

I paint wood pieces when it re-purposes a tired or “bu-gly” piece.

I just wanted you guys to know that. My wood loving friends……

Anita, are you feeling better about me now? ; )

So, what do you think of my “Peter Pan” OR “Baby Pirate” dresser?

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

I think.


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