Towel Caddy

I am calling this a towel caddy but it could be used so many different ways.

I picked it up at a favorite thrift store and earlier today… looked like this.

This is actually the back of the piece…..

I passed it by and then picked it up last minute. I think it was $5.00.

It is a cute little piece that is a rolling shelf.

A little paint gives it such a sweet look. Don’t you think?

I could see it in so many different places.


Baskets in kids room?


Anywhere you could use a rolling shelf.

I am actually not going to keep this.

I am busy getting my next batch ready to sell.

Today was a VERY productive day and I will be busy this week showing you guys all the has been transformed.

In the meantime let me know where would you use this little shelf?

Think it was worth the FIVE buck-a-roos?

Want another before and after?


I can’t wait to hear from you!

Let me know how you would use it.



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