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How was your week?

If you missed any posts this week you may not have heard how I ALMOST missed my sons trip to Spain and had an unexpected answer to prayer. Check it out if you didn’t read it the first time. For those that hang out with me on Facebook, you know that I already received my expedited passport. TWO days later! YIPEE!

I am trying to get ready for this trip, I haven’t done a thing, and I need your guest posts! If you are interested in guest posting while I am away, please email me at I would love to have my readers get to know you better! I would also like to suggest that some of you make sure your contact info is on your blog. I visited many blogs that I love to visit and asked some of them to guest post for me. I was unable to do so on quite a few of your blogs that I love, because I could NOT find your contact info. Even when I clicked over to profile. Just a tip that you need to make sure you provide your contact info somewhere on your blog. What if it isn’t plain ‘ole me but a sponsor opportunity and some other great opportunity you miss? I won’t stalk you, I promise!

Back to party mode…..last weeks party had so many neat links and here is a spotlight on a few of them.

Fantastic Family Finds shared their favorite family waffles and apparently we ALL love waffles because it was the most clicked on link.
Musebootsi shared her bungalow kitchen make over and you will NOT believe the before! Plus, you must read it because trust me when I told you that she left a VERY neat tidbit for last! Superstar is all I’m going to say!
Pressing On shared an easy way to clean our blinds! Love ANY easy cleaning tips! How about you?

Now, let’s see what you have been up to this week! Link up!

Only rules:
* Provide a link bak to the party on the post that you are sharing
* Follow my blog in some way (I would love for you follow any way and especially Facebook and email. Email will make sure you don’t miss a post and Facebook is a cool way to really get to know each other!

After you party here, remember to check out the other Monday parties going on! Their readers are all looking forward to meeting you.

If you are starting a party on Monday and would like to join our Monday party gals, drop me an email and let me know. The more the merrier!

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