How to watermark your photos using PicMonkey!

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Rebecca is off having a fabulous time in Spain 
and while she is away on vacation, 
she invited me over to show you how to 
watermark your photographs using

PicMonkey is a great photo editing website. 
I find it user friendly and easy to navigate.
I’m not paid by or affiliated with PicMonkey.
I just love it.
And I think you’ll love it too!

Watermarking your photos is important if you share them anywhere on the internet. 

It simply says… this is my property.

Here is an example of a photo with no watermark.

A dishonest person could, for instance, easily write a blog post claiming they picked these flowers from their garden and arranged them.
And oh aren’t they just lovely.
Or, maybe their hubby or latest boy-toy 
brought them home to them.
Blah~blah… whatever.
You get the picture {no pun intended} right?

All it takes is a little something 
to protect your flowers, your kitchen remodel, 
a handmade craft… 
even your KIDS!

Here is an example of a photo with a watermark.

Step-by-Step Watermarking Instructions.

1. Open
2. Click on the box that says;
edit your photo
(This will open your browser)
3. Select the photo you want to watermark.

The Page Will Look Like This;

4. Click the P.
5. Enter the TEXT you desire. 
It will appear in the box.
6. Next, select the FONT you wish to use.
7. Click thegreen ADD button under the text box.
8. Your text will appear on the photo.
9. You can drag the text anywhere on the photo.
10. There are many option available for the text;
color, fade, bold, italic, placement, size, blend modes 
and delete (if you want to start over). 
11. When you are happy with your final selections,  click off/away from the white drag and drop working box and your text will be on the photo.
12. Hit SAVE. (in the lower left hand side)
– A “save to my computer” box will pop up.
– Click the green save photo button.
– Name your photo in the file name slot.
– Rename your photograph if you would like the keep the original
non edited version. This way you will have both.
– Add .jpg to the end of your photo name.
– Hit save in your pop up box. 

There are prompts. 
It’s easier then it sounds when written out. 

All done. You did it!

It is very simple. Don’t be afraid.
Click around &  play away!

I use PicMonkey to edit all of my photos.
There are so many great tools available.

I was able to add all the little extras you see on the photo above. 
Like the water mark, back round color, label & text!

And this is a NEW
trick the monkey has learned…

I hope you found this water marking 
tutorial clear and easy to use.

Have fun if you go Monkey around!

I enjoyed sharing it here with 
the You Are Talking Too Much crowd.

Stop by Fox Hollow Cottage sometime
and say Hello!

PS. thank you Shannon. You are ALWAYS one of my favorite reads! For realz! Love, Me!

One thought on “How to watermark your photos using PicMonkey!

  • June 22, 2012 at 5:23 am

    Shannon you are fabulous thank you so much for sharing this! I have played around with this but your tutorial has been so helpful. I am empowered and heading over there now!

    Hugs, Tanya 🙂


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