One of a kind…..

Did you see the new Pottery Barn catalogue?

Such pretty textiles! They are under the “One of a kind” theme.

PB Found Kilim Floor Seating Covers - Bright


Or what about these throw pillows?


What about the rugs?

$249 – $1,349

I could go on but before I do, I want to remind you about this past post. “Here”.

You could look at these BEAUTIFUL pieces in the Pottery Barn new catalogue and think……


Or you could buy them, with the masses and have a “One of a Kind” item that millions of others will purchase as well.

But before you do.

I would like for you to remember a past post.

I shared with you “here”.

Yard Sale $1.00 over 13 years ago. Authentic and antique.

Floor pillow. Antique and hand made. $15.00

Antique floor pillows. I think they were $10.00 each.

This original, hand made Tapiz style tapestry. HUGE and I can’t even really figure out how to “show-case” it or enjoy it.

A real “One of a kind”.

I don’t even know the value.

I can’t imagine.

It was sold to me on the promise that I wouldn’t re-sell it.

I am honoring that promise.

The stories behind these “one of kind” items and a few others are shared in the Follow Your Heart post.

This post is not to bash Pottery Barn.

I love them.

I have bought from them.

But it is to remind you of the beauty behind re-purposing and thrifting.

Thrifting gives many of us TRUE “One of a kind’s”.

Don’t you think?

Picking up this months catalogue, it was funny to see my thrifted items similarities. My items are originals. Unique. Hand made. Antiques. From the Middle East…….
One of a kinds……
And they were bought for a fraction of what Pottery Barn is charging. Pennies on the dollar.

This post is just a reminder of what is out there.

Do you like to blend thrifting and new?

Are you someone that feels like people like me, “always get the deals?”

If so…….you need to read many of my past posts like this one, this one, this one and this one.

They are out there for everyone.

Find your “One of a Kind” soon.


Share it with us when you do!



2 thoughts on “One of a kind…..

  • July 18, 2012 at 12:44 am

    You’re a smart cookie, reminding us of all this post did. Who could dream of parting with that tapestry sold to you on the condition you keep it? Got a big wall? Need a room divider? Gorgeous things are to be had. Or made by hand. One day I’ll get a big enough space long enough in time to do something. I’ve gotten killer deals on upholstery fabric. Now I just need to teach my men folk to leave me some space, LOL. Pointers?


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