Meet Me Monday Linky Party!

How was your week?

It has been crazy here. Summer slows down and speeds up at the same time.

Know what I mean?

School is around the corner and vacations are about to come to an end.


Who is ready?

Can you tell I’m not?

Enough about me……let’s get to you all!

Last weeks party was great and their were some awesome link ups.

Here were a few of the most popular!

So Simple Rooms shared an awesome layer….of her Master bedroom! Check it out! Good photography girl!

Next up!

Silo Hill Farm shared a fun beachy project! You know I love the beach!Check it out then check out her FAVORITE project that she posts next!

Four Mars One Venus impressed and challenged us ALL with replacing her OWN dryer coils. Seriously. She’s like a wom-band. Get it? Woman?? Husband??
Hoo hoo hee hee haa …..I’ll stop.
I love this kind of girl.
I do this kind of stuff all the time…….hoo hoo hee hee haa haaaaaa…Ok, for real I’ll stop.
She really challenged me. Can you tell? Nothing stops her. Check her out. You will love her blog!

I am on a no carb diet so I could have literally could have ate the link right off the screen with this TASTY link up! MONKEY BITES!!! Seriously. My mouth is watering…….Serenity You shares it with you. She has such a pretty and cool looking blog btw. Pretty blog award! Please make these and eat them in my honor. My hind end thanks you.

Dang people… guys were good last week. I can’t stop there!

Let’s honor my thighs as they crave carbs and enjoy this post shared by Queen Bee Creative Me.

Craving carbs yet?

Ok, I will stop for all of us.

Now it’s your turn! I can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

Don’t forget to link up at these other great Monday parties after hanging out here!

you are talking too much
Three Mango Seeds

Only rules to this party!

* Follow my blog in some fashion (I want to make sure you stick around)
* Make sure you provide a text link or my bloggy button on the bottom of the actual post that you are sharing (It will show your readers where you party)
* Say hey to the two links up’s before yours (Share the love and tell them you saw them here!) We all love comments and meeting new friends.

And that is it my friends! Link up!

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