Meet Me Monday Linky Party!

I have woken to a cool Georgia morning and we are packing up to leave our precious niece and nephew with their mommy and daddy and grandparents. My sister is recovering well and thanks every one of you for your prayers, well wishes and sweet and thoughtful comments.

I don’t want to leave them!!!!

Why don’t you guys make the parting much easier by getting me back into the swing of things with some wonderful inspiration! I can’t wait to see what you all have been up to, so that I can get my hiney back in gear this week and get back to blog land!

Will you be sharing fall ideas? Painting transformations? DIY projects? Recipes? Funny posts? It is all welcome here and I can’t wait to see it!

Don’t forget to link up at these other great Monday parties after hanging out here!

you are talking too much
Three Mango Seeds

Only rules to this party!

* Follow my blog in some fashion (I want to make sure you stick around)
* Make sure you provide a text link or my bloggy button on the bottom of the actual post that you are sharing (It will show your readers where you party)
* Say hey to the two links up’s before yours (Share the love and tell them you saw them here!) We all love comments and meeting new friends.

And that is it my friends! Link up!

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