Meet Me Monday Linky Party!

I’m back!

YIPEE! I truly was worried that my blog was totally lost but� Chris was able to retrieve data from Google after he found out his back up was corrupted.

And I almost died.

Do you know how many posts I would have lost?

This is sick and you will probably be ashamed that I am not as big as the movie “Elf” but I have been blogging since…….. 2007.


The end.

Thankfully he figured out what to do and I am back.

Lucky you!

; )

But now it is time to talk about you and not about me.

Although, I could go on and on…..

But I won’t.

For real.!

I do want to tell you the scoop about the Southern Blogger’s Conference later this week!

Want to know some details about some big bloggers that you probably follow?

I shall spill the beans.

I took no oath.

I also want to tell you about something I learned.

I formed a tribe.

What is a tribe?

I will tell you this week and I think you may want to form one too.

This party will be your start, so get ready to link up!

Network people!

Share a few of the projects that you have had going on lately. I can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

Will you be sharing fall ideas? Painting transformations? DIY projects? Recipes? Funny posts?

It is all welcome here and I can’t wait to see it!

Don’t forget to link up at these other great Monday parties after hanging out here!


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Three Mango Seeds

Only rules to this party!

* Follow my blog in some fashion (I want to make sure you stick around) I would love for you to hang out with me on Facebook. It is a fun way to get to really know each other.
* Make sure you provide a text link back to this party on the bottom of the actual post that you are sharing (It will show your readers where you party)
* Say hey to the two links ups before yours (Share the love and tell them you saw them here!) We all love comments and meeting new friends.

And that is it my friends! Link up!

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