Last minute gift ideas pt 2. Chalkboard Trays

Last minute gift idea needed?

Are you like me? Times a little tight and you are looking for Christmas gifts that are well, cheap?

Of course you want Christmas gifts that do not looked thrifted.

And you want to give pretty Christmas gifts that will last year round?

Here is a reminder from a past post to give you an idea for your last minute gift.

I know you have seen these “mirror trays” at many a yard sales or thrift stores.

Because I have too…..and I have passed them by too many times.


It was less than a dollar. Rusty and gross.

This mirror slid out of the back like a frame. I wonder if all of the older ones are like that?

So I spray painted the frame……
And chalk board painted the mirror.
Then, I gave it at least three coats of chalk board paint.
Painting right on top of mirrors and glass has worked well for me in the past.
You can see them “here“, “here” and “here“.
So you will know I’m not a fibber.


But….Wah Lah!


I hung it on a sticky “hook” and will change the ribbon out to something more “natural” after Christmas.

Wouldn’t this be sweet in a little girls room?

A powder room?



Yours is out there waiting.

And probably for less than a dollar.

Do you like this?

Think you could whip one up?

Pretty easy, huh?

Huh is bad grammar isn’t it?

That was a bad grammatical sentence wasn’t it?

That one was too, wasn’t it?

I had better stop.

Fun and easy last minute Christmas gifts, don’t you think?




This is a re-post. We are out of town for the holidays and I thought you may enjoy the tips!



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