Last minute gift ideas pt 3! Give a Mason Jar Ornament!

Need more last minute gift ideas? Want ones that are affordable and easy? Here you go! A past post that I thought may give you some ideas for your last minute gifts!

I recently saw in a magazine a fancy tree with big candle holders placed in it’s branches.

It was beautiful but unrealistic for my home and a little too fancy for my taste.

I loved the idea of the reflective quality a candle could bring to a tree.

In keeping with my “less is more” thinking….I came up with a simpler, “my style” look, using what I had.

We have all seen the Mason Jar snow globes that are roaming the blog world.

They are so pretty!

If you haven’t seen it yet, It’ shared an awesome “Anthropologie” snow globe knock-off at our “Meet Me Monday” linky party that was one of our most “liked” link ups. Check it out!

But…snow globe aside….want to see another way you can use your Mason Jars?

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Simple and sweet isn’t it?

How simple you ask?

Well, let me tell you……..

I took the Mason Jars that I had in my garage.

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Then I grabbed what I had laying around.

For this project, I used red “dollar” tree berries.

I was going to use Mrs. Clause that you see in the background but her hiney was too big for the jar.

I sympathize.

Poor thing.

After placing your filler in the jar and laying Mrs. Clause, bless her heart, tenderly to the side…..

Lay your twine over the top of the jar.

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And screw the lid on.

That’s it.


Totally secure.

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Think of all the possibilities. This is a great last minute gift idea.

Personalize the ornament for the person you are giving it to!

Old photos.

Baby keepsakes.

Snow globes.

Electric candles.

Ornaments in the jars……….

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And wah lah… have a new set of ornaments or a great last minute gift. Do you see my cotton blossom in one of the jars?

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You could give them as gifts. Personalized for the person you are giving them to.

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I can’t even photograph how pretty they show up on the tree.

The lights shine through the glass making them appear to be illuminated.

They are such a sweet homey addition to our tree this year.

And made with everything I had laying around already.

If you do not have canning jars.

What about just using dollar tree glass candle holders?

Secure the twine with a glue gun around the top of the candle holder….fill them up…..

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And create your own keepsake ornaments or give someone their own “keepsake” ornament.

This project took all of 30 minutes for 24 jars. They are the perfect filler for our tree and can be saved for years to come or emptied and used in other ways later.

What would you fill your jars with if you made these ornaments?

Can you see giving them as gifts?

Do you like them?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!



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One thought on “Last minute gift ideas pt 3! Give a Mason Jar Ornament!

  • December 22, 2012 at 8:15 am

    love all your ideas. also thought to myself that I would take pictures of everyone there on Christmas day and print out the words “Christmas 2012: and mark each year that way. Could go back in years using pictures from the past too. Also, would make a great “after Christmas” gift for people who were at the celebration.


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