Organizing your closet Part 2 – Before you purge RULES

In following my organizing your closet series, I am going to approach my closet just like I do ANY space that I have organized or structured for clients.

So, these tips should help you on what space you are attempting to tackle.

I want to make something VERY clear. Whenever I help someone get organized, I NEVER START ORGANIZING WITH A PURCHASE.

If you have a space that needs organized….and you have purchased products before you have followed the steps below……..


Seriously. You are starting opposite. I promise!

My closet is going to be tackled with ZERO dollars! Zero.

Purchasing storage solutions is not the answer to a hoarding, messy or cluttered space. 


The first step that I shared yesterday is asking yourself, “Why is there an issue with this space?

My main answer……TOO MUCH STUFF!



If too much stuff is part of the issue……this is always step 2.

Second Step. Pre-purge sorting.

Before you purge rules!

1. NEVER, EVER, NEVER, NEVER buy storage containers, organizers, or fancy shmancy systems, before you begin the purging process.

Why? Because you need to purge! Not hold onto. Containers and “systems” are just an excuse to hold onto items that you do not need. You will not be addressing your issue and I PROMISE, you will be back in the same boat of disorganization and clutter within a year. Pinky Promise (that is big time people). I have seen it time and time again.

2. Sort your clutter and chaos. For a closet system this is key.

closet organization at 2

What do I mean by that? Before you can know what you need to get rid of, find out exactly what you have. You do not need to be finding out later that you need to go out and purchase white tees, or black pants, because you got rid of what you needed. The whole point in “fixing your space” is addressing an issue. Don’t create an excuse for more purchases or excess. Keep what you need.

Sorting is key to finding out what you have.

Once it is sorted. Then you can purge and you will be left with an organized space that is already sorted and separated.

closet organization at 3

This next step is a super important step in a closet purging and in keeping your closet organized.

Once you are separated in sections, pants with pants, tops with tops, skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses, jackets with jackets…… (get the picture?)

Now, you are ready for our next step.

organizing your closet CC

It seems overkill doesn’t it? But it isn’t.

And if you really want to address too much stuff and keep your closet organized, color coordinating is key.

The above photos are my tops, jackets and sweaters.

Now, I can quickly scan each color group and see what I do wear and what I don’t. What I need and what I don’t.

If you combine seasons in your closet, like I do, just separate the winter and summer in your colors and sections.

organize your closet at 8


Sort, separate and color coordinate!

And no money spent!

Organizing your life takes a plan, not a purchase.


So, are you still with me?

We are NOW almost ready to purge.

What? ALMOST? Yep….ALMOST…….

Many of your comments and emails have been so sweet and encouraging. We ALL battle this issue and who the heck wants to admit it.

But if you want to really ADDRESS the issue. You need a plan.

This is just steps….like baby steps but it can help eliminate an issue. Not disguise it.

Who is ready?



~tap tap~

Have ya’ left me?

Make sure you stick around, because I have some cool tricks and tips that I used for others and HAVE NEVER USED ON MY OWN SPACE! I plan to use them and I think you will be able to use them as well.

I am like the plumber with the leaky toilet. It is time to fix my own space and place!

Let me hear what you think so far and also, do you have a certain issue that you would like for me to address regarding your own closet?

Small space or big space, the question doesn’t matter. Maybe I have a tip or trick that will help you out.

Just let me know.



2 thoughts on “Organizing your closet Part 2 – Before you purge RULES

  • January 8, 2013 at 11:33 am

    I’m with you, girl! When my daughter and I bought this house, I went from a walk-in closet to a regular double-sliding-door wall closet. Actually, I have 2 because I got both ‘regular’ bedrooms and gave her the master cuz I wanted the extra room for crafts. So, now I’m getting my craft room organized and I’ve moved all my clothes into my bedroom. NOT ENOUGH ROOM! So! Carry on! I’m ready! (and thanks!)

  • July 13, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    Hi Rebecca ,

    I am new to this and finding my way around …

    But yes I agree keeping clothes down …my one thing I am doing is …when the shop sells me an item of clothing they always ask do I want the coat hanger …my answer is no …then when I get home something has to go …to make up for my new item …
    I still have loads to get rid of ,but slowly does it …as for my socks and items for the drawer when I buy new old go straight out ….


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