Valentine’s Day Chalkboards

Valentine’s Day chalkboard’s are actually just chalkboards…….


put FOUR magic letters on them and well……..

Love chalkboards at 3

They become……..Perfect.

They used to say this……..and only one letter had to be changed!

And originally….they weren’t even chalkboards!

You can click “here” to find out how to transform these cheapie Michael’s frames into your own chalkboards.

And when you do…….

Then you can have you very own Valentine’s Day chalkboards.

Love chalk boards at 1

That will last year round.

Valentines Day Chalk boards 8

Not bad for less than $5.00.

Don’t you think?


I can’t wait to hear from you!

Talk to me people!

How would you use your chalkboards!

Would you use them year round?

Does red scare you?



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