Closet Organization Part 4- Using what you have!

My closet organization series was way more popular than I thought it would be! Thank you all for being slobs/hoarders like me!


You can check out the past posts below that tackled the admission of an “issue” in a messy space and then the purging process.

Part 1. (Asking the question, “Why do I have an issue with this space?”)

Part 2. (BEFORE you purge, part 1 rules)

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And if you follow me on Facebook, then you know……I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED PURGING!!!!!!!!

Great feeling and guess what? I think….because of admission to an issue…..I may purge it again soon!

But…you know that the commitment to organizing my closet was spending ZERO dollars. I am sticking with that commitment and shared one “funky” project this week, that I think you will see looks good in the final transformation.

Ready for the next ZERO dollar organizational project? Remember.….you should NOT go out and purchase items to “fix” a hoarding problem.

So, with the no purchase rule……I am using what I have!


Well, cover your eyes if you aren’t. ; )

closet organization boxes at 9

I needed someplace to put some misc. items. I needed containers. I didn’t need to buy them. I just took old shoes boxes, extra fabric and a glue gun and made them.

fabric covered boxes at

 They are not super fancy. They are not perfect. I am also sure there are a ton of great tutorials out there on how to make yours look really, really good.

But I am not sharing this to teach you how to make a fabric covered box,

I am sharing this because many times we put off projects thinking….”When I can buy, this or that, then I can accomplish the task.”

Think bigger than that people!

Here is what I used for my ummmmm…..well… drawers that hold my “drawers”.

Kk? Get it?

closet organization boxes at 2

Yes, I pix-elated my “drawers”. It’s bad enough showing you my slips and tank tops!

Anyways….before you run out thinking you need plastic shoe boxes…..think simple.

Think, what do I have already?

closet organization boxes at 5

Got a shoe box? It will work just fine.

Containers, boxes or baskets are great for organizing your drawers…..and your “drawers”……..

closet organization boxes 9

So, just another thought on our “organizing your closet” series.

Have you purged?

Then it is time to organize!


Don’t buy more “stuff”.

closet organization boxes at 9

Use what you have!

Do you have any boxes laying around that you can see could be put to better use?

Have you used boxes or containers or baskets to organize your drawers?

I would love to know!



3 thoughts on “Closet Organization Part 4- Using what you have!

  • January 24, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Yes, in my daughters undie drawer. I did buy the plastic boxes (but they were only 98 cents each!). One for bras, one for undies and one for socks. Sooooo much easier to put stuff away! I personally don’t have a dresser so all my stuff is in bins but they are too full so I need to purge!!! Thanks for all your great ideas and encouragement!

  • January 25, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Uh-Oh. I’m fired. I bought containers to organize. But… in my defense. I was fresh out of shoe boxes 🙂 And they were from the Dollar Tree. They are not NEAR as cute as your fabric covered boxes though. They are crazy ka-ute!

    Can I still be your friend? lol

  • June 25, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    I just started modge podging my shoe boxes (BTW, Coach has the best shoe boxes. lol) to store birthday cards and photos that I probably will never get around scrapbooking. I went to Hobby Lobby when they had a sale and bought my favorite patterns. Also, I scored big at Goodwill with 3 yards of Waverly blue toile fabric for like 2 bucks. I swear I don’t think I could have picked it up any faster than I did. lol. The closet is something that I’ve got to conquer soon. I have no excuses… :-/


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