Over 25 Table Transformations…all in one place!

I have compiled over 25 table transformations that I have shared into this one post.


Because many of you found me through my painting projects and probably think I have quit…….

I haven’t.


I’m a southern girl……

I don’t really paint in the cold.

#1 reason. I don’t want to.

#2 reason. I don’t wanna’.

#3 reason. My garage is packed full of furniture to paint in the spring, so….I would have to paint outside……

~ see reason #1.

So……I am compiling many of my painting projects into groups and will share them periodically to catch up all of my new friends and readers and to give hope to the “old timers” that spring is coming…..

I shall paint again! ; )

Here are over 25 “table” transformations that I have completed. I share how I simply achieve many of these with spray paint, chalk paint, Ce Ce’s, Milk Paint, paint samples, latex….you name it.

And I show you how I did it!


Table collage FB 1

And here are some links, in no certain order….. so that you can visit and get to know me better or check out a few of your favorite older posts!

Craigslist Flipping and Pricing tips with my shabby blue/gray coffee table

Retro to Today Transformation white table with green knobs

Shabby white coffee table

White and Gold Foyer table with Ce’Ce’s Paint

Roomie Time! Chalkboard Coffee Table!

The End Table That I almost Passed Up…the red table with brown box on it….

Shabby Pink End Table. A ton of pins on this one! Shared like crazy on Hometalk for some reason too!

Golden Milk Paint Table….the little table that is a “mustard/gold” color

My little red table post…one of my most pinned posts! Top of the pic and fifth over….

She Needs Me…one of my dorkiest posts ever….one of MY FIRST transformations…..UGH….I show to share how we all start somewhere. : )

My Finger Hurts Post shared how I transformed our cheapie cabana furniture with black spray paint. It is still holding up wonderfully by the way!

My Ready for the Reveal post was one of my most shared posts and shows how I transformed a CL table and chairs into my breakfast room table. Turned out wonderfully and many of you used the same method on pieces of your own!

Milk and Chalk Paint table is the two tiered blue and white piece in the pic above, blending milk and chalk paint on one piece.

The Vegas Green Table used a sample of paint and it became one of my favorite colors!

Craigslist Coffee Table Answer and a Twist post was another cute and easy transformation with chalk paint

Workstation 301 (PLUS) Ce Ce’s Green highlighted the green Persian piece in the above pic. Turned out so neat!

The White and Gold Foyer Table turned out so neat and showed how I improvise to come up with stencils or patterns!

The Little Blue Table post share another paint sample transformation and another favorite color!

Now you see it…Now you don’t….shares how a can of spray paint can transform a piece and make it pop, instead of appearing invisible.

When It’s Better To Be Naked shares a post on why sometimes it’s best to leave parts of the piece unpainted.

Kitchen Island and Baby Hippo’s was another unpainted piece but a transformation of a yard sale table into a kitchen island and how my family almost divorced me when I attempted it.

A tiered $3.00 thrift store table transformed with some paint and a “miss” on my part.

One of My Favorite’s was the name of this post and it was my daughters new apartment coffee table transformed from a “plastic” kind of wood thrft store table.

The Little Rolling Table post showed another cheap thrift store “fake wood” table and how a little bit of paint totally transformed it. This piece sold really fast!


The Towel Caddy post is another easy transformation of a thrifted piece.


25 links! And that is just SOME of the tables! Crazy isn’t it?

You can click on my sidebar, under Painting transformations to check out other pieces.

But stick around people.

Spring is around the corner and I have a garage that is slap full of pieces waiting to be transformed.

Are you ready?

Because I am going to hit Craigslist again to sell my pieces and I will tell you all about it as I do.

Do you paint in the winter?

How did you meet me?

I would love to know!







4 thoughts on “Over 25 Table Transformations…all in one place!

  • January 26, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    Lots of great table inspiration. I will have to check them all out when I have time.
    I so agree with you about the weather and painting. I have hoards of items to get painted in our shop but the wet, cold weather is keeping me at bay just waiting for Springtime.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  • January 27, 2013 at 10:45 am

    I paint in the winter….but then I live in Arizona! So you wanna know how I found you? It’s been 2 years ago this month…Happy Anniversary to us!! I had my hip replaced and spent a lot of time on the computer, mostly playing games. I had NO IDEA of all the fun I’d been missing, cuz I knew nothing about these things called blogs! Somehow, I got onto Tip Me Tuesday from Tip Junkie and the rest is history!! You were one of the first 2 or 3 I subscribed to! So thanks for opening my eyes and my creative side!!

  • January 27, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    I live in CT, ‘ nuff said? It’s been 8-15 degrees with colder wind chills, today feels like a heat wave–32!!! My brain is soooo shot I really don’t remember how I “met” you.But it was at least 1 1/2 years ago.

  • January 28, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    I too have many projects that i want to get to and I have lots of little tables!! I do know (from experience) that if you paint a high gloss oil finish in cold damp weather (porch rockers)……well, you get no gloss!! I have a garage basement where I could work. I’ve thought about going in, rolling down the door, plugging in an electric heater, but I think asphyxiation, a chemical buzz or even possibly blowing up the garage might be in my near future. In our small town it would make the front page of the local paper and I’m just not up for that!


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