Jewelry Organization Ideas!

Ok….now for the jewelry organization ideas that didn’t cost me a cent.

I have been able to test my “new closet” out for two weeks and I have to say….that the way it is purged and organized…it is working!

Here are some of my favorites in my closet that I have used to organize my “jewelry”.

I  used items that were laying around in my house and re-purposed them. You do not need to use these exact items but it may help you think “outside of the box” and look around your house and re-purpose some of your own items.

My NEW bracelet and bangle holder.

jewelery organization at 1

Don’t recognize this piece from earlier posts?

Who remembers my “Thrifted Fruit Bowl“?

What about now?

Jewlery organization re-purpose #1~ All blinged up and PERFECT for my bangles and bracelets.

I love my bracelets organized like this because they aren’t “hooked” on “over” anything.

Just in the bowl and easy to retrieve.

jewelery organization at 16

My thrift store trays? Re-purposed again!

Jewelry Organization re-purpose #2!

jewelery organization at 7

Dear Mr. Blogger Robber, These are NOT real diamonds. Remember the “Don’t put the cart before the horse post? Kk. Just making sure we are clear. I.Am.Not.Rich. ~The end.

Jewelry Organization Re-purpose #3.

Over the door storage solution.

jewelery organization at 4

Now it’s an over the mirror necklace organizer!

jewelery organization at 2

Easy to see, tangle free and another great way to keep my closet neat and tidy.

I will share some more re-purposes plus my cool wall treatment in the next few days as well.

What do you have laying around that you can use for your jewelry?

What do you use?

I would love to know!

I love your comments!



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One thought on “Jewelry Organization Ideas!

  • February 15, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    Your jewels looks so pretty! I’m really going to follow your lead and clean up my closet 😉
    Pinning 🙂


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