Cutting Edge Stencils Winner!

Sheweeeee! I am sorry for the delay in getting the “Cutting Edge Stencils” winner announced. In the last 48 hours….I have been driving 24 of them.

Literally. : )

My bottom is sore.

cutting edge youaretalkingtoomuch 6

I will be doing a few posts with more details on the paints I used for my stencil and a few more tips on how to make your own Outdoor Persian Rug. I have two more matching rugs to complete. The cool thing….I re-use the same stencil over and over! Thank you Cutting Edge Stencils!

cutting edge 5

But let’s get to the winner!

 #159 Melissa

EMAIL ME at I will tell you how you can get your $75.00 worth of free stencils!

Now, I am going to rub the grit out of my eyes and get ready to head into work!

Congratulations Melissa!

cutting edge stencil 10



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