Paint that stops rust !

After posting my fun Craigslist patio table transformation yesterday, my cousin  texted me and ask me all kinds of rust infused questions.

rust remover 10


So, maybe I don’t post enough details.

I get that.

rust remover 8

She called me on that fact.

So, I figured…if she is asking for more answers, I know some of you have the same questions.

Main question…..

“How did you get the rust off before you sprayed it?”


rust remover 8

Does she not read my blog?

I’m lazy people.

You know that….

rust remover 1

There was no major prepping.

Like NO prepping, actually.

I just used a paint that states specifically, “STOPS rust” and…….

Wah lah!

I have used this paint before.

Because it’s cheap.… the cheapest of the spray paints…..

And I used it again.

rust remover 4

Anyone recognize my handy dandy spray nozzle thingy?

I love that nozzle.

Put the nozzle with the paint and you have a transformation ready to happen!

Remember when that nozzle and some spray paint helped me transform my tired cabana furniture?


Back to my rusty patio table.

Will it remove the rust forever?

rust remover 12

I’m not sure about lasting forever, but I have a few pieces that have held up a year or so with this paint and the rust hasn’t returned.

Now…and this is just my own “non rust-professional” opinion……if the piece is super rusty.

You need to sand it.

Like this umbrella holder.

rust remover 10

No paint…I don’t care what the label says can stop all that rust.

You would need to sand it down and then paint and I don’t really know if it will stop the rust. I plan to find out and will let you know but at this point I am not sure.

But surface rust?

rust remover 8

This paint has you covered.

rusto remover 3


Get it?


I would subscribe to this blog if I were you.

This is funny stuff people.

All while being educated.

Who would want to miss a post?

And guess what?

You can trust that this is really my opinion and not an ad because Rustoleum does not know I exist.

Which…..since you didn’t ask, is actually a sad thing.

Do you know how many people use Rustoleum chalkboard paint now because of my chalkboard posts?

A TON. I have seen the links…..

But hey…I’m not bitter!


Patio table 1

If I don’t hear from Rustoleum soon…..let’s just say, I will have to try out Valspar. ; )

But for real…..that’s how much I like Rustoleum paint. I buy it myself.


Run on to Lowes and get your Rustoleum “stops rust” spray paint.

Transform something.

Grab a nozzle. It’s Rustoleum too. (hear that Rustoleum?)

It’s less than $7.00 and saves you from a tired finger and gives you even and smooth coverage.

So, did you have any questions?

Or was my cousin just “all up in my business”?

Ready to transform some tired furniture?

Spray paint is a fun AND EASY way to start!

Where will you begin?

I want to know.





3 thoughts on “Paint that stops rust !

  • May 7, 2013 at 7:35 am

    I also love me some Rustoleum spray paint. I have an old wrought iron (the real thing) outdoor table set and have painted it more times than I have fingers and toes over the years. Always with the “stop rust” and have been blessed that it still looks great. Well worth the few bucks. Love the Craigslist find. Enjoy it!! 🙂

  • May 8, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Hey, I’m on the Rustoleum bandwagon, too.. and I think your project turned out GREAT!

    I’ve used it on wood for the outside… and on an inside lamp. I’m planning on painting some wooden yard chairs with it soon, if we ever have two days of dry weather around here!


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