No Sew Outdoor Table Cover and Runner

Want an easy NO sew project?

Got one for you!

Want a NO sew table runner and cover that you can easily transition with every season?

Got one for you!

Want to use the burlap that is all the rage and combine it with pretty fabric?

Got you covered!

Want a table covering for your tricky outdoor umbrella table.

Ya‘ in da‘ right place!!!!


No sew, outdoor umbrella table runner with a “Fall Vibe”.


No Sew Runner 2

You can put seasonal fabric under your burlap runner to change it up.

No Sew Runner 3

I have had mine out for a couple of weeks, and I scotch guarded my fabric.

It still looks great!

We have had some windy weather…..but the cool part……

It stays right on the table , because the umbrella holds it in place.

I love the natural fraying that you get because you don’t finish the edges.

If you like to sew….finish your edges and don’t pretend you like the frayed look.

; )

No Sew Runner 4

Easiest instructions in the world.

I made it more confusing by mixing up my photos.

You’re welcome.

; )

No Sew Runner COLLAGE 1

Does it get any easier than that?

I don’t think so.

So, tell me.

Did you come to the right place?

Can you use this idea?

If so, share it, PIN it…shout it from the mountains.

Or just comment.



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