Pumpkin Heads!

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In the meantime….enjoy last years fun idea on an easy pumpkin project! XO!

This is a fun way to decorate for Halloween AND Thanksgiving!

So many fun ideas!


We all work so hard at making our Thanksgiving tables pretty and special.

But what about the kids table?

A “chance” find at our local thrift store gave me an idea for a fun addition to the “kids” table for this Thanksgiving.

Seriously? How cute are these guys?

Think of all the fun ideas for the kids.

Quotes of what they are thankful for? Let them select and write in their own writing!


Just for their names. Give them a designated place at their table.

A special “Punkin’ Head place card holder” for your special kids or grand-kids.

You could even let the kids make their own “Punkin’ Head” while the adults are busy!

I know that if you have “Mr. Potato Head” or “Mrs. Potato Head” you probably have a larger selection of fun items to accessorize your little pumpkin with.

I had what I found at the thrift store….so I couldn’t get too fancy.

But you really don’t need “Potato Head” accessories. What about pipe cleaners? Use a sharpie for cute eyes or other veggies? You could be creative and make this a fun craft and table addition!

Just add a cardboard pilgrims hat and you are ready to go!

And I’m sure you could whip up a fancier hat than I did.

I just cut a circle….then rolled a rectangle of black cardboard and taped it onto the circle.

Pitiful, isn’t it?

Your belt with buckle will hide some of the tape and the tape wasn’t as obvious as it is here in this pic.

For the belt and buckle of your hat, just cut a thin strip of black paper the same length as the rectangle you cut our for the hat.

The buckle needs to be a small square wider than the width of the belt strip….like this.

Fold the white square in half and cut two strips to “thread” the black belt through…..like this.

Use moisturizer vigorously on your dry scaly thumb after photo.


Never takepicture of your thumb this close again.

If you thought the thumb was bad….well, cover your eyes with your hands if you are squeamish.

This is rough.

I know it looks cruel. But remember….it’s just a pumpkin….not a “Punkin’ Head” yet.


Use a screwdriver to gently make a hole in the pumpkin where you want to place your “Potato Head” accessories.

Ok…so you have your facts and how to’s. You know my hats were “rough” and you could come up with something so much fancier!

But before I end this post….want to see a “project FAIL“?

Wonder why there isn’t a cute “little girl punkin head”? Wonder why I didn’t make a little bonnet and place it on one with girly Potato Head accessories?

Because when I did…it looked like this.

Yeah….I know.

It looks like a Veggie Tales Chef.

You’re welcome.

You know I’m always keeping it real.

I’m sure you could come up with a ton more cute ideas and even a cute little girl pilgrim…. but at least you get the picture.

Grab a gourd! That’s just fun to say…..

Use the odd shaped ones for even cuter little “Punkin’ head place card holders”.  What about a Pocohontas gourd?

just remember where you found it first.


Punkin’ Head capital of the world!

And if you can’t remember….you could always “Pin it”.

Or share it on Facebook.

Or print it out and mail it in hard copy to all decorating and kids idea’s magazines and big ole bloggers.

I’m just joking.

Unless you want to.

; )

My sis with little ones loved itand it is sooooooo easy to do!

Make the kids table a little extra special this Thanksgiving!

Would you use this idea?

Do you have a kids table at Thanksgiving?

Tell us what you would do to when you make your “Punkin’ Head place card holders”.

You always have the best ideas!

Talk to me people!



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